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Rock Currier, who wanted a sea container (8 tons) of crystallized native sulfur for his wholesale mineral business in California, I set off for the remote El Desierto sulfur mine in Bolivia to check on the progress of our specimen-mining project.
The Bologna Museum, as mentioned by Bombicci (1888, 1895), owns 920 specimens including single sulfur crystals and crystals on matrix, all donated by Professor Augusto Bordoni and Engineer Augusto Pancaldi, managers of the Societa Anonima Miniere Solfifere della Romagna, and by Engineer Venceslao Cavaletti, manager of the nearby Cabernardi sulfur mine. Many of these specimens have been studied scientifically, and some have been illustrated in plates published by Bombicci (1895).
The Sulphur Bank Mercury Mine began as a borax mine in 1856, was converted to a sulfur mine in 1865, and was ultimately turned into a mercury mine in 1873 after deposits of cinnabar --a mercury sulfide that is the most common source ore for mercury --were found beneath the sulfur deposits in the area.
There's a gold mine in front of the mountain, and a sulfur mine in the middle.
Xi'an, Ramadan 15, 1434, Jul 24, 2013, SPA -- Ten miners have been confirmed dead after they were trapped underground following a fire that broke out on Tuesday in a sulfur mine in northwest China's Shnxi Province, rescuers said Wednesday.
The menacing egg is symbolic of pre-financial crisis attempts to rehabilitate these peripheral spaces: It is a performing-arts center located at the site of a defunct sulfur mine.
These are not empty or exaggerated statements, as Frei's cameras track Nachtwey operating in emotionally and physically demanding conditions in Kosovo and Jakarta in 1999 and in Ramallah in Palestine and an Indonesian sulfur mine in 2000.
GDC again was selected based on earlier evaluations, favorable experience with the Minimuxes, and a prior decision to employ the TMS at Freeport's main pass 299 sulfur mine in offshore Louisiana.
In Poland at the Gryzbow sulfur mine, Miocene clay marls contain abundant amounts of fine grained disseminated hauerite (Hubicka et al., 1969).