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 (sŭl′fə-rĕt′, -fyə-)
tr.v. sul·fu·ret·ed, sul·fu·ret·ing, sul·fu·rets or sul·fu·ret·ted or sul·fu·ret·ting
To sulfurize.
A sulfide.

[From New Latin sulfurētum, sulfide : sulf-, sulfur (from Latin sulfur) + -urētum, obsolete chemical suff.]
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Adj.1.sulfuretted - treated or impregnated with sulfur; "sulfuretted hydrogen"
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However, during the burning process, coal generates various types of noxious gas, such as sulfur dioxide, sulfuretted hydrogen, nitric oxide, non- inhalable particle, heat, etc which severely damage the environment.
2]S) gas which is also known as sour gas or sulfuretted hydrogen.
After his later discovery of the acidic properties of sulfuretted hydrogen, which again did not contain oxygen, Berthollet became convinced that Lavoisier's acid theory was incorrect.