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 (sŭl′fə-rīz′, -fyə-)
tr.v. sul·fur·ized, sul·fur·iz·ing, sul·fur·iz·es
1. To treat or impregnate with sulfur; sulfuret.
2. To bleach or fumigate with sulfur or sulfur dioxide.

sul′fur·i·za′tion (-fər-ĭ-zā′shən, -fyər-) n.
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Adj.1.sulfurized - treated or impregnated with sulfur; "sulfuretted hydrogen"
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--Phenol, dodecylphenol (sulfurized), carbonates, calcium salts < 25%
To the best of our knowledge, the present paper reports for the first time a CZTS compound applied directly through thermal evaporation without a sulfurized vapor filling the atmosphere.
In the present study, the synergistic antiwear and load-carrying properties of borate ester containing nitrogen (BNO) with titanium dialkyldithiocarbamate (TiDDC) or sulfurized titanate (TiS), respectively, were investigated, and subsequent exploitation of the results for the development of a synergistic antiwear additives composition were offered.
The most likely cause for multilayer growth is that without the protection offered by water, the gaseous Mo[O.sub.3] is sulfurized and the sudden increase in [P.sub.gas] results in pressures exceeding [P.sup.2.sub.solid].
Using a 3/16-inch diameter drill bit and good-quality sulfurized cutting oil, slowly drill through the gas block and barrel.
Both the agents are sulfurized olefins, with S-1 having a higher active sulfur content than S-2.
A series of these components was studied here, including Alkylated Diphenylamines, Ditertiary Phenols and Sulfurized Esters.
The second type of cartridge case which was introduced during the war was composed of metallic foil and sulfurized paper and proved much less durable than the original India-rubber case.
Anirudhan, "Uptake of heavy metals in batch systems by sulfurized steam activated carbon prepared from sugarcane bagasse pith," Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, vol.
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