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adj. sul·len·er, sul·len·est
1. Showing a brooding ill humor or silent resentment; morose or sulky.
2. Gloomy or somber in tone, color, or portent: sullen, gray skies.
3. Sluggish; slow: the sullen current of a canal.

[Middle English solein, from Anglo-Norman solein, alone, from sol, single, from Latin sōlus, by oneself alone; see s(w)e- in Indo-European roots.]

sul′len·ly adv.
sul′len·ness n.
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Noun1.sullenness - a gloomy ill-tempered feeling
moodiness - a sullen gloomy feeling
2.sullenness - a sullen moody resentful disposition
ill nature - a disagreeable, irritable, or malevolent disposition
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تَجَهُّم، إكْفِهْرار
špatná nálada


[ˈsʌlənnɪs] Nhosquedad f
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(of person)Missmutigkeit f, → Verdrießlichkeit f
(liter, of landscape, sky) → Düsterkeit f
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[ˈsʌlənnɪs] n (see adj) → musoneria, scontrosità, arroganza
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(ˈsalən) adjective
silent and bad-tempered. a sullen young man; a sullen expression.
ˈsullenly adverb
ˈsullenness noun
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References in classic literature ?
Montgomery followed with stumbling footsteps, his hands in his pockets, his face downcast; he was in a state of muddled sullenness with me on account of the brandy.
Tom, though depressed and strongly repelled by his father's sullenness, and the dreariness of home, entered thoroughly into his father's feelings about paying the creditors; and the poor lad brought his first quarter's money, with a delicious sense of achievement, and gave it to his father to put into the tin box which held the savings.
There was an air of jaded sullenness in them both, and particularly in the girl: yet, struggling through the dissatisfaction of her face, there was a light with nothing to rest upon, a fire with nothing to burn, a starved imagination keeping life in itself somehow, which brightened its expression.
We had confidence in Cypher's sullenness end smouldering ferocity.
Carey thought Philip very young for this, and her heart went out to the motherless child; but her attempts to gain his affection were awkward, and the boy, feeling shy, received her demonstrations with so much sullenness that she was mortified.
And poor Silas was vaguely conscious of something not unlike the feeling of primitive men, when they fled thus, in fear or in sullenness, from the face of an unpropitious deity.
"I think you might have warned me," returned the other with a touch of sullenness. "But I have been pedantically exact, as you call it.
To a natural sullenness was added now the nervous distaste of one who approaches a disagreeable task.
"You may take it as such if you will," he answered, with a note of sullenness in his tone.
The simple fact was, that Oliver, instead of possessing too little feeling, possessed rather too much; and was in a fair way of being reduced, for life, to a state of brutal stupidity and sullenness by the ill usage he had received.
She had not been able to speak; and, on entering the carriage, sunk back for a moment overcomethen reproaching herself for having taken no leave, making no acknowledgment, parting in apparent sullenness, she looked out with voice and hand eager to shew a difference; but it was just too late.
He delighted to witness Hindley degrading himself past redemption; and became daily more notable for savage sullenness and ferocity.