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sul′fur spring`

a spring whose water contains naturally occurring sulfur compounds.
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In traversing this plain, they passed, close to the skirts of the hills, a great pool of water, three hundred yards in circumference, fed by a sulphur spring, about ten feet in diameter, boiling up in one corner.
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PO Box 11, 988 Sulphur Spring Road, Prospect, VA 23960-0011
Barrie Draper's charge was sent off 1-3 favourite for the third semi but was immediately under pressure after another flat-footed start as Sulphur Spring led the charge.
Closer to the Tees, Middleton St George in the 19th century was a popular spa town following the discovery of a sulphur spring at nearby Dinsdale.
As part of the City of Tampa's Nehemiah Project Phase II, RTTB's Sulphur Spring Redevelopment project builds new energy-efficient, single-family homes with the same quality of design and features as market-rate housing but with more affordable pricing.
The Library is located at 855 Sulphur Spring Road, Arbutus 21227, which is near I-95 and Route 1.
Along with the spiritual essence, this sulphur spring also possesses therapeutic characteristics.
Steve Grasby of the Geological Survey of Canada and by University of Calgary graduate student Michael Wamsteeker, returned for a routine visit to the glacial sulphur spring at Borup Fiord Pass.
when healing sulphur spring waters first attracted visitors.
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Puppy Derby Hills: 9-4 Eden Star, 7-2 Farloe Wolverine, 9-2 Slick Santiago, 10 Silverview Perky, 14 Farloe Hulk, 20 Brave Display, Droopys Boo, Farloe Mysterio, Millroad Scolari, 25 Go Go Sonic, Harrys Blonde, Pick A Bunny, Share The Spoils, Sulphur Spring, 33 Newtown Skiptipp, Offshore Rebel, 40 Benkaat Boy, Droopys Betson, Droopys Stan, Flying Freddie, Holycross Prince, Malbay Phanter, Slick Sinatra, 50 Bit View Emma, French View, Lethal Tiger, Silverview Pinky, 66 bar (e-w 1/4 1,2,3,4).