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Adj.1.sulphur-yellow - of something having the yellow color of sulfur
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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A bee flew in and buzzed round the blue-dragon bowl that, filled with sulphur-yellow roses, stood before him.
The plant has sulphur-yellow flowers that can be described as smelling strongly of freesias.
With sulphur-yellow hair and a poor effort at make-up, Kesha's look is nothing short of awful.
Immediately I noticed another bird, with a bright sulphur-yellow breast, about the size of a pied flycatcher but with the build of a warbler.
I've mentioned it previously on these pages as I adore its all-year-round light, feathery foliage that is dusted with glorious sulphur-yellow flowers early in the year (around now).
Hamamelis x intermedia 'Pallida' is one of the most popular varieties with large, sweetly-fragrant, sulphur-yellow flowers borne in dense clusters.
Fungi sprouted lavishly: sulphur-yellow horns ringing the roots of trees, honey fungus spreading up their trunks.
Good varieties include 'Moonshine', with its sulphur-yellow flowers and grey-green foliage.
The exquisite, flowers arrive in vivid russet-reds, amber-orange, sulphur-yellow and linen-white.
intermedia Pallida, which produces sulphur-yellow flowers and H.
He is suffering not from writer's block but rather from an obsession with the minutiae of daily life, an obsession that, frustratingly, he is not able to exploit: he watches the smoke emitting from a neighboring chimney, fascinated by the way it changes color from snow-white to sulphur-yellow; he listens to the nocturnal goings-on directly above his Berlin apartment, where someone is walking back and forth and furniture is being moved around; and his wife has developed an irritating habit of clearing her throat.
Good varieties include E.`Pagoda', which produces sulphur-yellow flowers,`PinkPerfection'and `Lilac Wonder' They really need a woodland setting to thrive.