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adj. sul·tri·er, sul·tri·est
a. Very humid and hot: sultry July weather.
b. Extremely hot; torrid: the sultry sands of the desert.
a. Expressing sexual desire: a sultry look.
b. Arousing sexual desire: a sultry dance.

[From obsolete sulter, to swelter, possibly alteration of swelter.]

sul′tri·ly adv.
sul′tri·ness n.
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Adv.1.sultrily - in a sultry and sensual manner; "the belly dancer mover sensually among the tables"
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She did just that for the release of the cover art of her new album, wearing just a lacy bra and suit jacket while staring sultrily into the camera.
Kim, 37, wore an extreme high-cut bodysuit with her long locks falling sultrily around her shoulders as she held her phone.
Dolls and fashion plates were unacceptably remote and sultrily gratifying, invitingly unachievable items of enchantment and tiny representations within straightforward supervision.