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 (so͝om′ə, sŭm′ə)
n. pl. sum·mas or sum·mae (so͝om′ī, sŭm′ē)
A comprehensive treatise, especially in philosophy or theology.

[Medieval Latin, from Latin, the whole; see sum.]


n, pl -mae (-miː)
1. (Theology) medieval Christianity theol a compendium of theology, philosophy, or canon law, or sometimes of all three together. The Summa Theologica of St Thomas Aquinas, written between 1265 and 1274, was the most famous of all such compendia
2. rare a comprehensive work or survey
[C15: from Latin: sum1]


(ˈsʊm ə, ˈsʌm ə)

n., pl. sum•mae (ˈsʊm aɪ, ˈsʌm i) sum•mas.
a comprehensive work, esp. a philosophical or theological treatise, covering, synthesizing, or summarizing a field or subject.
[1400–50; < Medieval Latin; Latin: sum]


[ˈsʊmɑː] nsumma
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Summa. Penfentenyou's Great Idea has gone through, a little chipped at the edges, but in fine and far-reaching shape.
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Lobato, OP, que destaca la importancia de la Summa contra Gentiles como obra teologica, donde el tema central es la Verdad.
computer algorithms discovered by Gosper as well as Wilf and Zeilberger, Summa Summarum is a superb reference and study text.
According to the information provided by Summa and coworkers, coffee contributes about 40% of the total acrylamide exposure in Sweden and about 33% of that in Switzerland, making it a significant contributor from dietary sources.
Consideramos que las filosofias de INCAE y de Summa van de la mano ya que compartimos nuestras metas de educar a traves de informacion economica y empresarial, para lograr mejorar la calidad de vida de los latinoamericanos.
Or as the author himself states his plan, "we will try to lay out in a general way the marvelous order of the whole Summa of Theology and the interconnection of treatises and topics that St.
El volumen objeto de esta recension, es el primero de los tres en los que el equipo dirigido por Peter Landau y Stephan Haering, piensan editar la Summa super Decretum <<De iure canonico tractaturus >>, cuyo autor, desconocido hasta los estudios de Rudolf Weigand ([dagger] 1998), es el Magister Honorius de Kent.