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Noun1.summarisation - the act of preparing a summary (or an instance thereof); stating briefly and succinctly
report, account - the act of informing by verbal report; "he heard reports that they were causing trouble"; "by all accounts they were a happy couple"
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To further support the analysis phase, we additionally provide summarisation of documents of the regions using Automatic Text Summarisation methods (Section III-D).
Its features include a web services interface, the ability to apply Verity K2's advanced capabilities such as summarisation, classification and recommendation to any search products, enterprise-strength security, dynamic filtering, merging and re-ranking of search results.
Yahoo had taken over a news summarisation app, Summly, for "dozens of millions" of pounds last month and subsequently added the facility to its iPhone app earlier this week.
Max Levchin, Dave Morin and Fritz Lanman were investors in the news summarisation app provider, Reuters notes.
Worldwide Computer Products News-15 November 2001-BTexact launches text summarisation tool (C)1995-2001 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
If Yahoo wanted to buy the "summarisation technology" invented by D'Alosio, it had to purchase Summly (and then subsequently shut it down).
Summly offers iOS application that allows instant summarisation of any webpage or article.