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Noun1.summary treatment - a brief and unsympathetic rejection; "they made short shrift of my request"
rejection - the speech act of rejecting
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More nuanced is Principe's justification for his rather summary treatment of the spiritual side of alchemy, which he admits played a considerable role.
Most important, a summary treatment of flora and fauna (and anatomically reduced figures) stretch us between delicacy and fragility at one end of the emotional scale and animalistic brutality at the other.
Her point is valid, but this perspective suggests an understanding of this phase of Tarot history equivalent to that proposed by the summary treatment of the role of the common people relative to the popularity of the early printed decks.
The author also provides a summary treatment of contrasting and analogous premodern conceptions of the self as further background.
For an excellent summary treatment of parties, see the Appendix in Kassem, In the Guise, pp.
The Centuries (256-79) receive an equally summary treatment with Olson indiscriminately chastising all those who have ever dared to criticize them, from Bellarmine to JeanFrancois Gilmont.
The Supreme Court hinted at its view of the "constructive custody" theory in a case involving the search of a probationer's home: "Although the parolee is often formally described as being 'in custody,' the argument cannot even be made here that summary treatment is necessary as it may be with respect to controlling a large group of potentially disruptive prisoners in actual custody.
While some subjects have received summary treatment before, a number of chapters fill serious lacunae in the existing literature, most notably the chapters on London by Derek Keene and Caroline M.
The rest of the book is a fairly summary treatment of his thought on issues such as Islam in North America, Islam and politics, Islam and philosophy, and the "shortcomings" of Western approaches to these various issues.
While specialists may find his summary treatment less detailed than desired, most will find it quite useful for sorting out the various religious organizations, personalities, and agendas involved in American politics historically and currently.
206) and a summary treatment of issues relevant to adaptation, incremental change and organizational learning, groupware, diversity and rapid change support.