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(ˈsʌm ə tɪv)

[1880–85; < Medieval Latin summāt(us)]
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Adj.1.summative - of or relating to a summation or produced by summation
additive - characterized or produced by addition; "an additive process"
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This edition has new chapters on formative and summative assessment and promoting self-assessment to help students build reading independence; revised chapters on performance assessment, assessment accommodation for English language learners and students with special needs, and noncognitive aspects of reading; and new themes related to the need for teachersAE and administratorsAE active involvement in the development of superior reading assessment programs, linking reading assessment to the Common Core State Standards and similar initiatives, the need to accommodate different students, linking formative and summative assessment, the assessment of diverse influences on reading development, and self-assessment.
KCSE is one of two general forms of testing formative and summative.
WBA should be able to support and contribute to summative assessment strategies that define successful achievement of curricular objectives, competence to entry into practice and continued competence in practice.
What is the summative achievement level of students in handball game based on TGfU?
West Virginia students showed improvement in math in six of the seven grade levels assessed on the 2017 statewide summative assessments, and half of the students in grade 11 were proficient in English language arts (ELA), according to results released today at the West Virginia State Board of Education meeting.
But ESSA allows states the option of either using a single summative assessment to meet the annual requirement or to replace it with multiple interim assessments throughout the school year that yield a summative score.
Objective: To determine the effect of transition of summative assessment from frequent modular to combined block assessment and its role on learning of medical students.
Although the purpose of formative and summative evaluations is the same, they differ with regard to use, audience, design and data collection.
It recognizes the strengths and weaknesses, encourages professional development and provides a process for both formative and summative assessment; based on either internal or external assessing bodies.
Till last year, there was no such mandate to score 25 per cent in Summative Assessment- I and Summative Assessment- II and 10 per cent in Summative Assessment- IV.
The difference between teacher-driven summative assessments and Smarter Balanced standardized tests is that teachers design their assessments to cover the concepts and skills they feel are important for mastery.
1 This realization has resulted in a shift of focus from end of course summative assessment to continuous formative assessment, ideally with feedback, to guide the learner's advancement.