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(ˈsʌm ə tɪv)

[1880–85; < Medieval Latin summāt(us)]
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Adj.1.summative - of or relating to a summation or produced by summation
additive - characterized or produced by addition; "an additive process"
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Out of 194 students who appeared for the Summative Assessment, 39 scored a perfect 10 CGPA and 53 students got CGPA 9 and above.
Schools will also include value- based questions of at least five per cent weightage in the question paper of all subjects during summative ( or term- end) assessments.
ERIC Descriptors: Rewards; Accountability; Outcomes of Education; State Standards; Summative Evaluation; Formative Evaluation; School Districts; Educational Improvement; Profiles; Student Evaluation
of Huddersfield) unites several other contributors from the University of Huddersfield to discuss the use of summative assessment in the early years foundation stage and offer guidance on the ways in which summative assessment data can be analyzed.
There are summative assessments, formative assessments, interim assessments, diagnostic assessments, predictive assessments and benchmarking.
It is possible, however, to encourage students' assessment of their satisfaction with their own knowledge and skills and to encourage simultaneous performance-based, formative and summative assessment by instructors.
Anthony gives a summative test, which lets her see the big picture of how her learners grasped the major themes and skills in the unit.
Technology-driven assessments, particularly adaptive assessments with broad skill coverage, also allow administrators to move away from thinking about assessment in discrete and siloed formative and summative buckets that require different tools for each.
ERIC Descriptors: Academic Achievement; Decision Making; Urban Schools; Instructional Improvement; Data; Evaluation Utilization; Information Utilization; Research Utilization; Summative Evaluation; Formative Evaluation; Educational Practices; Use Studies; Management Information Systems; Schematic Studies; Barriers; Educational Resources; School Policy; Administrator Attitudes; Teacher Attitudes; Evidence; Inferences
Each term is made up of two formative assessments and one summative assessment.
This paper suggests faculty use evaluation strategies based in liberatory pedagogy as part of student-centered classrooms, so that assessment can be moved away from summative evaluation to serve a more formative role in the writing process.
ERIC Descriptors: Educational Technology; Evaluation Methods; Collective Bargaining; Teacher Evaluation; Computer Software; Federal Legislation; State Legislation; Technology Uses in Education; Educational Legislation; Academic Achievement; Formative Evaluation; Summative Evaluation; Self Evaluation (Individuals); Reflection; Reflective Teaching; Models; Cooperation; Professional Development; Handheld Devices; Elementary Secondary Education