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(ˈsʌm ə tɪv)

[1880–85; < Medieval Latin summāt(us)]
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Adj.1.summative - of or relating to a summation or produced by summation
additive - characterized or produced by addition; "an additive process"
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Many of these tools may be used (a) formatively, with repeated measures across time, to monitor progress or (b) summatively to evaluate whether PCBS practices and PD support systems are resulting in desired effects for students and educators, respectively.
Each project was evaluated progressively and summatively by an appointed researcher in conjunction with the VEGPSP research team.
the program is now to be evaluated over its term both in the process as well as summatively. through a suitable mix of qualitative and quantitative methods, insights into sector-independent and sector-specific change processes in the local institutions are to be gained.
Students will be assessed throughout the unit both formatively and summatively. In order to formatively assess students, they will need to keep an engineering design journal, confer with the instructor, and turn in daily reflection papers.
* Authentic assessment: Teachers and content-specific professionals assess students formatively (throughout a unit) and summatively (at the end of the unit) as students develop and present solutions to their challenge cycle problem.
An increase in the susceptible population and the improved diagnostics summatively contributed to this [2].
Summatively, findings from various studies portray Acrp30 as a critical surrogate marker indicative of numerous metabolic derangements including glucose regulation and fatty acid metabolism.
[beta]-catenin staining was scored summatively using the Jass scoring system, with a maximum score of 5.
Specifically, our alternative approach was to engage in public education reform based on collective responsibility, involving collective problem solving and collective capacity building using the evidence both summatively and formatively, rather than as high stakes, punitive accountability (McNaughton, Lai, Jesson & Wilson, 2013).
The beliefs were treated individually (rather than summatively) in analysis as we were interested in exploring associations between the specific beliefs and depressive symptoms.
Flowever back at test time, I didn't care about the teacher assessing me formatively or summatively. I wasn't interested in knowing I was being taught by a language teacher who knows what she must teach and what she must revise and re-teach, about what assessment could show about my learning trajectory with this language, and how the teacher might differentiate the curriculum for me.
While any assessment can be used summatively (without making a claim for its validity) not all can make the additional claim of serving formative functions.