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Noun1.summer house - a country house (usually located in the country) that provides a cool place to live in the summersummer house - a country house (usually located in the country) that provides a cool place to live in the summer
country house - a house (usually large and impressive) on an estate in the country
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I doubt whether Eustace did not internally pronounce the whole thing a bore, until I led him to my predecessor's little ruined, rustic summer house, midway on the hillside.
The summer house itself, so airy and so broken, is like one of those old tales, imperfectly remembered; and these living branches of the Baldwin apple tree, thrusting so rudely in, are like your unwarrantable interpolations.
My young friend was willing, in short, that the fresh verdure of his growing reputation should spread over my straggling and half-naked boughs; even as I have sometimes thought of training a vine, with its broad leafiness, and purple fruitage, over the worm-eaten posts and rafters of the rustic summer house.
Fred added: "Since we moved in, we have extended the property, built a summer house and created a large pond.
There are extensive grounds with fishing rights, summer house, orchard and wild flower meadow.
A BRAVE boy who suffers from leukaemia has had his wish come true - after a summer house was built in his garden.
It has a summer house, greenhouse and garden shed and would make an ideal purchase for a growing family.
Outside, there are lawns with a stone waterfall feature, greenhouses, summer house and large chicken run - ideal if you have a penchant for freshly-laid eggs for breakfast.
The River Gers flows through part of the estate creating a picturesque waterfall, and there are lakes, a large island and a summer house tucked away in the woods.
ROCK star Noel Gallagher has applied for planning permission to build a summer house in the grounds of his home.

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