summer theater

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sum′mer the′ater

1. a theater that operates during the summer, esp. in a resort area, usu. offering a different play or musical each week.
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National contract notice: The canopy of the rtten summer theater
Let's promote, blog and publicize our art, our summer theater, our music festivals, our film festivals, our historic cities and our rich array of craftspeople.
Grease," the Broadway musical-turned-film, will come to the Upstart Crow Studios, starring young actors from the studio's summer theater program.
She hopes that her summer theater apprenticeship at Allerdale, a rite of passage for serious aspiring performers, will ignite a love for being center stage in her, too.
Separately, there was a concert at the Varna Summer Theater to mark the official celebrations of a city that is often dubbed "the Black Sea capital of Bulgaria".
Lincoln Center Festival can always be counted on to inject some class into the soporific summer theater season by hosting avant-garde work by celebrated international companies.
Credits for John Draper include his modest beginnings with work at the Fort Peck Summer Theater as an Actor/Carpenter.
Two tenders for implementing (a) a summer theater house in Asswan, also (b) supply of lighting equipment and a sound system at both Shalatin Cultural Palace & another Cultural Palace in 6th October 7th District.
A variety of great characters, all fully voiced by Reed, and vivid descriptions of summer theater by the sea make this an excellent choice for aspiring actors.
You feel the ups and downs of summer theater, especially on a stage that started life in the countryside but became more and more easily commutable from Broadway.
Unlike many summer theater programs, CDT gives its participates stipends in the form of working scholarships, and they pay no tuition.

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