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A small, roofed structure in a park or garden affording shade and rest; a gazebo.


(Building) a small building in a garden or park, used for shade or recreation in the summer


(ˈsʌm ərˌhaʊs)

n., pl. -hous•es (-ˌhaʊ zɪz)
a simple, often rustic structure in a park or garden, intended to provide shade in the summer.
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Noun1.summerhouse - a small roofed building affording shade and restsummerhouse - a small roofed building affording shade and rest
belvedere - a gazebo sited to command a fine view
building, edifice - a structure that has a roof and walls and stands more or less permanently in one place; "there was a three-story building on the corner"; "it was an imposing edifice"
بَيْت صَيْفي
nyári lakszaletli


[ˈsʌməhaʊs] N (summerhouses (pl)) [ˈsʌməhaʊzɪz]cenador m, glorieta f


[ˈsʌməˌhaʊs] n (in garden) → padiglione m


(ˈsamə) noun
the warmest season of the year. I went to Italy last summer; (also adjective) summer holidays.
ˈsummery adjective
like, or appropriate for, summer. summery weather; summery clothes.
ˈsummer camp noun
a place where children go during the summer vacation to take part in activities such as camping and sport.
ˈsummerhouse noun
a small building for sitting in, in a garden.
ˈsummertime noun
the season of summer.
References in classic literature ?
Martin's saying as she was so fond of it, it should be called her cow; and of their having a very handsome summerhouse in their garden, where some day next year they were all to drink tea: a very handsome summerhouse, large enough to hold a dozen people."
He shot the weathercock off his own ridiculous gilded summerhouse. It's the only cock he'll ever kill, I should think.
They gravely rearmed themselves fromthe gun-room and trooped along at the tail of their guide, Sir Howard only pausing, in a sort of ecstasy, to point out the celebrated gilt summerhouse on which the gilt weathercock still stood crooked.
He keeps the crooked weathercock in the summerhouse to perpetuate the story of a legend.
About six in the evening, as I sat at tea with my wife in the summerhouse talking vigorously about the battle that was lowering upon us, I heard a muffled detonation from the common, and immediately after a gust of firing.
Kill." A scuffling mass of monkeys, biting, scratching, tearing, and pulling, closed over Bagheera, while five or six laid hold of Mowgli, dragged him up the wall of the summerhouse and pushed him through the hole of the broken dome.
Down hoods all!" said half a dozen low voices(every ruin in India becomes sooner or later a dwelling place of snakes, and the old summerhouse was alive with cobras).
"See, dear Charles," cried Julia, in a burst of what she would call natural feeling--"there is our house-- here the summerhouse, and there the little arbour where you read to us last week Scott's new novel-- how delightful!
She went into the summerhouse and said, "I am come, Edward; I am ready."
I saw the carriage approaching the summerhouse to take us away.
The shore of the lake presents an unbroken array of establishments of this order, of every category, from the "grand hotel" of the newest fashion, with a chalk-white front, a hundred balconies, and a dozen flags flying from its roof, to the little Swiss pension of an elder day, with its name inscribed in German-looking lettering upon a pink or yellow wall and an awkward summerhouse in the angle of the garden.
There is no such place in that part now; but it remained there for many years, looking with a baulked countenance at the wilderness patched with unfruitful gardens and pimpled with eruptive summerhouses, that it had meant to run over in no time.