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1. The holding of a summit conference: "Modern summitry began at Versailles in 1919" (George F. Will).
2. Participation in summit conferences.


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) chiefly US the practice of conducting international negotiations by summit conferences


(ˈsʌm ɪ tri)

the conducting of diplomatic negotiations at summit conferences.


[ˈsʌmɪtrɪ] N (esp US) (hum) → práctica f de celebrar conferencias cumbre
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Shunned by the West, the crown prince tried to normalize his international image through Asian summitry. A similar logic applied to Sisi's Chinese forays in the aftermath of his bloody coup in Egypt in 2013.
But beyond the summitry, deep political battles are still being fought.
Prime minister Imran Khan after a warm and effusive summitry with the US president Donald Trump was given a hero's welcome when he landed in Islamabad early Thursday morning.
The nuclear and missile threat posed by North Korea has actually increased since Trump embraced summitry with Kim Jong Un just over a year ago.
The failure to move North Korea away from its nuclear stance through summitry has left the Trump administration scratching its head in search of options.
North Korea has so far not gotten what it wants most from the recent flurry of high-level summitry between Kim and various world leaders -- namely, relief from crushing international sanctions.
One-on-one summitry, without aides, is uncommon in our diplomatic practice.
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's surprise trip to China could herald a new round of summitry on and about the peninsula, analysts say, but may also be an attempt to pressure US President Donald Trump as negotiations between them falter.
Mitchell, the base commander at Maadi, he, Stevens and Mulgan took afternoon tea at Mena House, the hotel where Churchill and Roosevelt had done some summitry in November 1943.
Duterte jokes about use of marijuana !-- -- Edith Regalado (The Philippine Star) - December 4, 2018 - 12:00am MANILA, Philippines Summitry is no fun, and the schedule too hectic for leaders of his age, according to President Duterte, who said even Brunei Sultan Hajji Hassanal Bolkiah kept falling asleep.
A pledge to promote multilateral trade and a 'rules-based international order' capped the two-day summitry of world leaders in the Argentinian capital of Buenos Aires on Saturday.
Brussels diplomats and representatives of other governments across Europe said they did not believe Madrid would upset the careful choreography of Sunday's summitry, when May and her 27 EU peers will fly in for a couple of hours in the morning.