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1. The holding of a summit conference: "Modern summitry began at Versailles in 1919" (George F. Will).
2. Participation in summit conferences.


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) chiefly US the practice of conducting international negotiations by summit conferences


(ˈsʌm ɪ tri)

the conducting of diplomatic negotiations at summit conferences.


[ˈsʌmɪtrɪ] N (esp US) (hum) → práctica f de celebrar conferencias cumbre
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And by reversing the staging sequence of summitry -- a series of lower-level meetings to produce a basket of deliverables that muckety-mucks can then bless -- Trump threatens to turn what should be the diplomatic equivalent of the Brandenburg Concertos into an acid jazz improvisation.
President Moon might call his summitry "pragmatic diplomacy," given that he and Xi reaffirmed their commitment to the peaceful resolution of the North's nuclear issue.
In addition, the conversation on strategic nuclear arms control must move from a two-sided American and Russian experience toward a tripartite nuclear summitry that includes China, despite individual, different policy objectives, experiences, and strategic perspectives with respect to nuclear weapons.
Trump, whose Marine One helicopter landed from Taormina to the soaring soundtrack of the "Air Force One" movie, emerged from two days of closed door summitry to declare his trip a success.
The language of the Chairman's Statement issued at the end of the 30th Asean Summit held in the Philippines was disappointing; it failed to press the advantage a host traditionally enjoys in Asean summitry, which is the framing of shared concerns.
For connoisseurs of international summitry, it's been high season recently in Turkey.
Because of the growing frequency of international summitry, Commonwealth heads of government meetings have been pared down to two-and-a-half days--virtually an opening ceremony, short executive sessions and the leaders' Retreat.
Without a change of attitude at the people-to-people level, mere summitry at the top and government-sponsored events are unlikely to bring India and Africa closer to each other.
Like Canadian scholarship, the Australian approach to studying executive federalism has generally been marked by a focus on summitry and, unlike Canada, formal institutions.
In another development in this part of the world, the Malaysian premier opened a fresh round of summitry by railing against the very ideology behind extremism.
The annual season of summitry, which began a week ago in Turkey for the Group of 20 meeting, and continued with regional forums in Manila and Kuala Lumpur, has been overshadowed by the string of recent deadly extremist attacks.