sumo ring

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Noun1.sumo ring - the circular ring in which Sumo wrestlers compete
ring - a platform usually marked off by ropes in which contestants box or wrestle
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He then walked away from the podium, kissed the sumo ring good-bye and left the stadium while being surrounded by his fans.
Asashoryu has often been in hot water outside the sumo ring but is beloved by fans for his exploits in it.
In fact, women are not even allowed to step into the pro sumo ring, since they are considered too "impure" to enter such a sacred space.
The Geordie duo will face each other in the Sumo ring in this week's Saturday Night Takeaway.
Teams will be able to play tag rugby, power balls and join in the sumo ring from 10.
Yes, the law was enacted, but we had to start with no sumo ring.
Yuji Yamazaki, an assistant professor at the Japanese Red Cross Musashino Junior College of Nursing and a researcher on the issue, said the idea of considering childbirth as something ''holy'' and opposing male midwifery reminds him of the Japan Sumo Association, which says women should never enter the sumo ring because it is a ''sacred place'' in the men-only sport.