sun bathing

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Noun1.sun bathing - immersing the body in sunlightsun bathing - immersing the body in sunlight  
bathing - immersing the body in water or sunshine
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For example, dew walking, sun bathing, and hydrotherapy all have electronic, or energetic polarizing effects on all living organisms.
I know thank goodness, most are tuned in to other channels, A deranged woman attacks with a knife, a young man sun bathing on a beach, she stabs him seven times.
He enjoys sun bathing and sharing his squeaky toys with his friends.
Women can also use the outdoor relaxation lounge for sun bathing in privacy, a beauty salon, and a juice bar.
This pool area appeals to many demographics: a pool for the kids, sun bathing area for those who want to relax and two Infinity lap pools for individuals who wish to exercise and not have to compete with the others in the big pool.
2:55 p.m.: Vincent Avenue, person sun bathing in the nude; officer spoke with the person.
The new team of trained helpers will be on hand to assist with every passenger demand including such services as providing destination advice, weather updates, sun bathing advice, sports news, games for children, assisting anxious flyers, charging of technology and basic language support.
The 246,500m 2 project includes a helipad, sun bathing deck, a covered jacuzzi and wading pool as well as a cinema and private medical centre.
According to some, topless sun bathing was a fashion, for some it was about nipples where they would feel vulnerable, but for Marselle Fisher, 33, it was more about self confidence where women doesn't feel confident about herself to go topless.
The water resistant sun block lotion protects the skin from harsh UVA[degrees]A and UVA[degrees]B rays and is particularly ideal for a swim, sun bathing or extended outA[degrees] door days.