sun god

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sun god

n. Mythology
A god that personifies the sun.

sun′ god`

or sun′-god`,

1. the sun considered or personified as a deity.
2. a god identified or associated with the sun.
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Noun1.sun god - a god that personifies the sun or is otherwise associated with the sun
deity, divinity, god, immortal - any supernatural being worshipped as controlling some part of the world or some aspect of life or who is the personification of a force
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"In Hindu Culture offerings are made to Sun God at the end of harvesting popularly known as the Harvest Festival dedicated to the Sun god.
It is essentially a thanksgiving festival, wherein farmers thank the nature, the Sun God and the farm animals for helping in the productions of crops, while other people thank the farmers for producing the crops.
Because (1) Christmas is not in the Bible, (2) Jesus was not born in December, but likely in September, and we do not know the day of His birth, (3) the Christmas tree, the birth of the sun god Sol Invictus on 25 December, Santa and his elves and reindeer, giving presents on that day, the huge meal, and so on, are pagan practices (see the Bible, Deuteronomy, chapter 12, verse 32).
CIRCE by Madeleine Miller Bloomsbury, PS16.99 (ebook PS14.99) HHH HH CIRCE is Titan royalty, the daughter of the Sun god Helios and the nymph Perse.
CIRCE BY MADELEINE MILLER, BLOOMSBURY, PS16.99 (EBOOK PS14.99) HHHHH CIRCE is Titan royalty, the daughter of the Sun god Helios and the nymph Perse.
Pongal is a harvest festival dedicated to the Sun God. It is a four-day festival which according to the Tamil calendar is usually celebrated from January 14 to January 17.
Addressing the gathering, the Vice President Shri Venkaiah Naidu said that the festival Makar Sankranti dedicated to Sun God, symbolizes Uttarayan' or the beginning of the northward journey of the Sun.
The three-day celebration, usually observed by farmers and South Indians, starts before dawn when believers of the Hindu faith thank their Sun God for the abundance of crops gathered throughout the year.
Among his topics are the history of research into the Anatolian solar deities, the sun goddess and sun god in Old Hittite sources, the the sun goddess of Arinna in Middle Hittite sources, sun gods in Middle Hittite sources, and the solar deities and Hittite kingship.
The Book of Caverns is one of the so-called New Kingdom Books of the Afterlife, which describe the sun god's nightly journey through the Netherworld.
Heliopolis, which means 'city of the sun', was famous for its Sun temple dedicated to Ra, the Egyptian Sun God. There are varying beliefs about Ra who is worshipped as a ruler of the skies, the earth and the underworld.