sun worshiper

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Noun1.sun worshiper - someone who worships the sunsun worshiper - someone who worships the sun  
worshipper, believer, worshiper - a person who has religious faith
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Before he extinguished the single candle he had brought with him for the purpose, and the flickering light of which had cast the first alleviating rays into the impenetrable darkness of the buried chamber, that it had known for the countless ages since it had lain forgotten of man, Tarzan's mind reverted to that first occasion upon which he had entered the treasure vault, coming upon it by chance as he fled from the pits beneath the temple, where he had been hidden by La, the High Priestess of the Sun Worshipers.
Her mother was an Earth Walker, a moon worshiper living in underground burrows, while her father was a Companion, a sun worshiper and member of Nik's tribe who live in the City in the Trees.