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A wide-brimmed bonnet with a flap at the back to protect the neck from the sun.


(Clothing & Fashion) a hat that shades the face and neck from the sun, esp one made of cotton with a projecting brim now worn esp by babies
ˈsunˌbonneted adj


(ˈsʌnˌbɒn ɪt)

a woman's bonnet with a large brim and sometimes a flounce at the back to protect the neck.
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Noun1.sunbonnet - a large bonnet that shades the facesunbonnet - a large bonnet that shades the face; worn by girls and women
bonnet, poke bonnet - a hat tied under the chin
sun hat, sunhat - a hat with a broad brim that protects the face from direct exposure to the sun


[ˈsʌnˌbɒnɪt] Ngorro m de sol
References in classic literature ?
I had almost forgotten that I had a grandmother, when she came out, her sunbonnet on her head, a grain-sack in her hand, and asked me if I did not want to go to the garden with her to dig potatoes for dinner.
On a shelf over the window sat a great blue owl with a blue sunbonnet on her head, blinking her big round eyes at the visitors.
As a preparatory initiation ordeal he had to parade the principal business streets of Kingsport for a whole day wearing a sunbonnet and a voluminous kitchen apron of gaudily flowered calico.
Wait a minute till I run in the house and get my sunbonnet."
Pretty soon Dorothy came out of the house with her sunbonnet, and she called out:
The girl washed herself carefully, dressed herself in the clean gingham, and tied her pink sunbonnet on her head.
A young girl came on, a sunbonnet hanging down her back, her apron caught up in front and filled with grain which she threw to the buttering fowls.
But who can rebuke such penitent and drooping sunbonnets? I can see nothing but sunbonnets and pinafores and nimble black legs.
It boasts steel tube doors, a mesh sunbonnet, and like all Gladiators, a flip-down windshield.
The quilt she decided to make was Sunday-Best Sunbonnet Fancy Sue by Bea Yurketwich from Quiltmaker March/April 1997.
While some researchers suggest eighteenth--and nineteenth-century silhouettes as possible sources of inspirations, others have noted the appearance of the Sunbonnet Babies motif in 1900 and Marie Webster's Keepsake Quilt in 1912.
Con ellos canto "Miss Brown to you", "What a little moonlight can do", "I wished on the moon" y "Sunbonnet blue".