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A rainbowlike display of colors resulting from refraction of sunlight through a spray of water.


(Physical Geography) a bow of prismatic colours similar to a rainbow, produced when sunlight shines through spray



a bow or arc of prismatic colors like a rainbow, appearing in the spray of waterfalls, fountains, etc.
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Gray; DARK NIGHTS; Sunbow Press (Fiction: Science Fiction) 17.
City Club of Eugene - Carol Mallory-Smith of Oregon State University, Harry MacCormack of Sunbow Farms, Clint Lindsey of Willamette Seed and Grain and Helle Ruddenklau of Ruddenklau Farms will discuss genetically modified organisms at 11:50 a.
Some leading non-mineral choices are available from manufacturers including Bull Frog, Ocean Potion, Sunbow and Vichy.
Charlyn volunteers once a week at Sunbow, an organic farm, and receives canning tomatoes and other produce to put up for winter in exchange for her labor.
The often difficult task of applying sunscreen on children can now be a fun learning experience as Sunbow has released a line of SPFs with Nickelodeon mascots.
Available in 9 colors ranging from classic neutrals, like Dreamland and Aztec, to the established blue of Art Deco, to the bold and fun Sunbow and Peppermint Stick.
For toddlers, try Sunbow Sunscreen Sticks, with Dora the Explorer and Sponge Bob packaging.
An example of kid-friendly packaging is Sunbow, where each product features a kid-favorite Nickelodeon character, including Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob SquarePants, and goes on initially in a color, designed so kids can enjoy the application.
HORSES TO FOLLOW: Abrasive, Alnama, Argentine, Beauchamp Xiara, Casino Night, Chachamaidee, Channel Squadron, Codemaster, Colour Scheme, Danderek, Easy Ticket, El Viento, Excel Bolt, Glen's Diamond, Happy Today, Harry Patch, I'm A Dreamer, Ishbelle, Mass Rally, Meer Und Wind, Melange, Miss Zooter,Morache Music, Mr Optimistic, Nazreef, Ollon, Poets Place, Santefisio, Satwa Moon, Sunbow, The Which Doctor, Whisper Louise.
Makin and the colt were caught on the line by the Godolphin newcomer Sunbow, but there was an objection to the winner by the clerk of the scales and he and Huntingfortreasure were awarded the prize.
Traegonia: The Sunbow Prophecy" tells of a world that escapes the eyes of mankind and serves as the protector of the earth.
I sleep not: sleep would die of a dream so strange; A dream so sweet would die as a rainbow dies, As a sunbow laughs and is lost on the waves that range And reck not of light that flickers or spray that flies, But the sun withdraws not, the woodland shrinks not or sighs, No sweet thing sickens with sense or with fear of change; Light wounds not, darkness blinds not, my steadfast eyes.