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v. sun·dered, sun·der·ing, sun·ders
1. To break into two or more pieces or parts; sever: "Several disputed sculptures ... are sundered, with fragments residing in separate museums" (Lee Rosenbaum).
2. To force or keep apart: "Even our own kindred in the North are sundered from us" (J.R.R. Tolkien). See Synonyms at separate.
3. To form a barrier or border between: a river that sunders the two mountain ranges.
4. To dissolve (a connection or relationship): a disagreement that sundered their friendship.
To become broken into parts or disunited.

[Middle English sundren, from Old English sundrian.]

sun′der·ance n.
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to break or cause to break apart or in pieces
in sunder into pieces; apart
[Old English sundrian; related to Old Norse sundr asunder, Gothic sundrō apart, Old High German suntar, Latin sine without]
ˈsunderable adj
ˈsunderance, ˈsunderment n
ˈsunderer n
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(ˈsʌn dər)

1. to separate; part; divide; sever.
2. to become separated; part.
[before 900; Middle English sundren, Old English (ge)sundrian (c. Old High German sunt(a)arōn, Old Norse sundra), derivative of sundor; see sundry]
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Past participle: sundered
Gerund: sundering

I sunder
you sunder
he/she/it sunders
we sunder
you sunder
they sunder
I sundered
you sundered
he/she/it sundered
we sundered
you sundered
they sundered
Present Continuous
I am sundering
you are sundering
he/she/it is sundering
we are sundering
you are sundering
they are sundering
Present Perfect
I have sundered
you have sundered
he/she/it has sundered
we have sundered
you have sundered
they have sundered
Past Continuous
I was sundering
you were sundering
he/she/it was sundering
we were sundering
you were sundering
they were sundering
Past Perfect
I had sundered
you had sundered
he/she/it had sundered
we had sundered
you had sundered
they had sundered
I will sunder
you will sunder
he/she/it will sunder
we will sunder
you will sunder
they will sunder
Future Perfect
I will have sundered
you will have sundered
he/she/it will have sundered
we will have sundered
you will have sundered
they will have sundered
Future Continuous
I will be sundering
you will be sundering
he/she/it will be sundering
we will be sundering
you will be sundering
they will be sundering
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been sundering
you have been sundering
he/she/it has been sundering
we have been sundering
you have been sundering
they have been sundering
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been sundering
you will have been sundering
he/she/it will have been sundering
we will have been sundering
you will have been sundering
they will have been sundering
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been sundering
you had been sundering
he/she/it had been sundering
we had been sundering
you had been sundering
they had been sundering
I would sunder
you would sunder
he/she/it would sunder
we would sunder
you would sunder
they would sunder
Past Conditional
I would have sundered
you would have sundered
he/she/it would have sundered
we would have sundered
you would have sundered
they would have sundered
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Verb1.sunder - break apart or in two, using violence
fragment, fragmentise, fragmentize, break up - break or cause to break into pieces; "The plate fragmented"
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To crack or split into two or more fragments by means of or as a result of force, a blow, or strain:
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[ˈsʌndəʳ] VT (liter) → romper, dividir, hender
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vtbrechen; chainssprengen; (fig) connectionabbrechen
vibrechen; (fig)sich trennen
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There had been days and nights when the memory of their kiss had burned and burned on his lips; the day before even, on the drive to Portsmouth, the thought of her had run through him like fire; but now that she was beside him, and they were drifting forth into this unknown world, they seemed to have reached the kind of deeper nearness that a touch may sunder.
He was immediately chained and handcuffed; and thus, without a moment's warning, he was snatched away, and forever sundered, from his family and friends, by a hand more unrelenting than death.
Nobody had beheld the gravitation of the two into one; and when the dairyman came round by that screened nook a few minutes later there was not a sign to reveal that the markedly sundered pair were more to each other than mere acquaintance.
Behind us, two tall, shapely spruce trees rose up against the sunset, and through the dark oriel of their sundered branches an evening star looked down.
The gulf between them appears to have been unbridgable; for in time this son married and in turn had a son, but neither joy nor sorrow brought the sundered together.
And it is precisely this sort of sequence which causes the greatest shock when it is sundered: for to see how an effect may be produced is often to see possible missings and checks; but to see nothing except the desirable cause, and close upon it the desirable effect, rids us of doubt and makes our minds strongly intuitive.
And yet it must be said, to the disgrace of mankind, that Cornelius van Baerle, without being aware of the fact, had a much more ferocious, fierce, and implacable enemy than the Grand Pensionary and his brother had among the Orange party, who were most hostile to the devoted brothers, who had never been sundered by the least misunderstanding during their lives, and by their mutual devotion in the face of death made sure the existence of their brotherly affection beyond the grave.
The referee clutched each by the shoulder and sundered them violently, passing quickly between them as he thrust them backward in order to make a clean break of it.
The secret, so long as it should continue such, kept them within the circle of a spell, a solitude in the midst of men, a remoteness as entire as that of an island in mid-ocean; once divulged, the ocean would flow betwixt them, standing on its widely sundered shores.
Both were famous warriors, but as their exploits had been performed in widely sundered countries, they had never before been able to cross lances.
At Sunder Trading Company, you not only get fast, reliable service at a great price, but you also get our support and service teams whose primary desire is to keep you and your equipment working efficiently and profitably in the field.
LAHORE -- A gala for the families of industrialists was held at Sunder Industrial Estate (SIE) here on Sunday.