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v. sun·dered, sun·der·ing, sun·ders
1. To break into two or more pieces or parts; sever: "Several disputed sculptures ... are sundered, with fragments residing in separate museums" (Lee Rosenbaum).
2. To force or keep apart: "Even our own kindred in the North are sundered from us" (J.R.R. Tolkien). See Synonyms at separate.
3. To form a barrier or border between: a river that sunders the two mountain ranges.
4. To dissolve (a connection or relationship): a disagreement that sundered their friendship.
To become broken into parts or disunited.

[Middle English sundren, from Old English sundrian.]

sun′der·ance n.


to break or cause to break apart or in pieces
in sunder into pieces; apart
[Old English sundrian; related to Old Norse sundr asunder, Gothic sundrō apart, Old High German suntar, Latin sine without]
ˈsunderable adj
ˈsunderance, ˈsunderment n
ˈsunderer n


(ˈsʌn dər)

1. to separate; part; divide; sever.
2. to become separated; part.
[before 900; Middle English sundren, Old English (ge)sundrian (c. Old High German sunt(a)arōn, Old Norse sundra), derivative of sundor; see sundry]


Past participle: sundered
Gerund: sundering

I sunder
you sunder
he/she/it sunders
we sunder
you sunder
they sunder
I sundered
you sundered
he/she/it sundered
we sundered
you sundered
they sundered
Present Continuous
I am sundering
you are sundering
he/she/it is sundering
we are sundering
you are sundering
they are sundering
Present Perfect
I have sundered
you have sundered
he/she/it has sundered
we have sundered
you have sundered
they have sundered
Past Continuous
I was sundering
you were sundering
he/she/it was sundering
we were sundering
you were sundering
they were sundering
Past Perfect
I had sundered
you had sundered
he/she/it had sundered
we had sundered
you had sundered
they had sundered
I will sunder
you will sunder
he/she/it will sunder
we will sunder
you will sunder
they will sunder
Future Perfect
I will have sundered
you will have sundered
he/she/it will have sundered
we will have sundered
you will have sundered
they will have sundered
Future Continuous
I will be sundering
you will be sundering
he/she/it will be sundering
we will be sundering
you will be sundering
they will be sundering
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been sundering
you have been sundering
he/she/it has been sundering
we have been sundering
you have been sundering
they have been sundering
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been sundering
you will have been sundering
he/she/it will have been sundering
we will have been sundering
you will have been sundering
they will have been sundering
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been sundering
you had been sundering
he/she/it had been sundering
we had been sundering
you had been sundering
they had been sundering
I would sunder
you would sunder
he/she/it would sunder
we would sunder
you would sunder
they would sunder
Past Conditional
I would have sundered
you would have sundered
he/she/it would have sundered
we would have sundered
you would have sundered
they would have sundered
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Verb1.sunder - break apart or in two, using violence
fragment, fragmentise, fragmentize, break up - break or cause to break into pieces; "The plate fragmented"


To crack or split into two or more fragments by means of or as a result of force, a blow, or strain:


[ˈsʌndəʳ] VT (liter) → romper, dividir, hender


vtbrechen; chainssprengen; (fig) connectionabbrechen
vibrechen; (fig)sich trennen
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There had been days and nights when the memory of their kiss had burned and burned on his lips; the day before even, on the drive to Portsmouth, the thought of her had run through him like fire; but now that she was beside him, and they were drifting forth into this unknown world, they seemed to have reached the kind of deeper nearness that a touch may sunder.
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