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Noun1.sunflower seed - edible seed of sunflowerssunflower seed - edible seed of sunflowers; used as food and poultry feed and as a source of oil
sunflower oil, sunflower-seed oil - oil from sunflower seeds
edible seed - many are used as seasoning
common sunflower, Helianthus annuus, mirasol - annual sunflower grown for silage and for its seeds which are a source of oil; common throughout United States and much of North America
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As Alpatych was driving out of the gate he saw some ten soldiers in Ferapontov's open shop, talking loudly and filling their bags and knapsacks with flour and sunflower seeds. Just then Ferapontov returned and entered his shop.
2 cups quick-cooking rolled oats 1/2 cup nonfat dry milk 1/2 cup each shredded unsweetened coconut, shelled raw sunflower seed, regular wheat germ, roasted unsalted peanuts, sesame seed, raisins, and chopped dried apricots 2/3 cup firmly packed brown sugar 2/3 cup chunk-style peanut butter 1/2 cup salad oil 1/4 cup honey
Smart Sail WMA Shipcare 11/11/16 Not Sched 17,572 Sunflower seed Nil
He made clear that commodity exchanges had offers from buyers for BGN 850-900 per ton of sunflower seed before the start of the harvesting campaign, adding that the 2011 purchasing campaign in the region had started at BGN 650-700 per ton.
Marvel at the tiny sunflower seed. One seed can produce a plant 25 feet high with a seed head 33 inches across holding 800 seeds.
She said: "Birds like Cindy are sunflower seed junkies as they are incredibly tasty and appealing, but can be dangerous and even lifethreatening.
Blitz 20g sunflower seed powder with 1 handful of frozen berries a and 300ml dairy free milk (such as soya or almond)
Mogyi has used optical sorters for more than 20 years, originally installing the technology for its sunflower seed hulling facility.
Meanwhile, Sunflower seed plantation areas and production are forecasted to be 8,000 ha and 19,000 MT in MY 2017/18, higher than the USDA's official MY 2016/17 forecast of 7,000 ha and 17,000 MT respectively.
Raw sunflower seed is sold in farm stores at P50-P60 a kilogram, for bird feed and as conditioner for gamecocks.
Bigs produces a line of premium seed snacks, including jumbo in-shell sunflower seeds, sunflower seed kernels and roasted pumpkin seeds.
wheat, rice, maize, millet, peanut and sunflower seed. The cereals were studied in single-feed, two feed and multiple feed choice tests comprising of twenty-two various combinations.