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adj. sun·ni·er, sun·ni·est
1. Exposed to or abounding in sunshine: a sunny room.
2. Cheerful; genial: a sunny smile.

sun′ni·ly adv.
sun′ni·ness n.
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Adv.1.sunnily - in a cheerful manner; "`I'll do the dishes,' he said pleasantly"


advheiter; smile alsosonnig
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At first she seemed overcome with amazement; then tears flowed from her wondering eyes; and then she smiled sunnily through them, and one of her arms slid tenderly about the broker's neck.
It rather sunnily described the plan as "another example of our commitment to spending health care dollars more wisely" that "demonstrates CMS' dedication to collaborating with private payors to improve the delivery system.
Then the false dawns that have promised so much with past appointments may just, you never know, finally give way to a sunnily entertaining and successful future.
That Goldsmith is able to look past FOIA's serious limitations and still sunnily praise the statute as "a more salient and powerful accountability tool" (49) that will permit future Jaffers to get at secret government documents or as a meaningful and durable weapon to exact national security secrets from the executive branch suggests Goldsmith maintains a far lower threshold than current and future Jaffers in evaluating government accountability.
In the Luxembourg Gardens he pulled up; here at last he found his nook, and here, on a penny chair from which terraces, alleys, vistas, fountains, little trees in green tubs, little women in white caps and shrill little girls at play all sunnily 'composed' together, he passed an hour in which the cup of his impressions seemed truly to overflow.
After beginning apparently sunnily with two teenage boys horsing around in a field, Marcel Odenbach's Im Kreises drehen (Turning Circles), 2009, quite quickly changes mood.
I m not sunnily optimistic about where the Western economy is going .