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A severe, usually isolated thunderstorm characterized by a strong rotating updraft and often giving rise to damaging winds, electrical storms, flooding, large hail, and tornadoes.
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The Slovak Karst in eastern Slovakia was even struck by a supercell storm, the meteorologists from the Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute (SHMaS) wrote on Facebook."We detected intense storms in the Rozava district today, some of which brought up to 30 millimetres of precipitation," the meteorologists wrote.
SCHOOL'S OUT: Supercell storm over a derelict Midwest schoolhouse
Japanese pop group Supercell welcomed two new artists into their ranks - female vocalist Ann, who is of Filipino descent, and male vocalist Gaku.
Researchers have undertaken a drone-focused project intended to provide greater insight into how supercell storms generate tornadoes.
That's a result of the local environment that gives rise to supercell storms.
Supercell thunderstorms are terrifying, natural marvels that carry high risks of lethality and devastation.
HELSINKI - Finnish mobile game maker Supercell reported a 26 percent drop in 2018 core profit on Tuesday due to falling revenue for its aging hit games Clash of Clans and Clash Royale.
AppOnboard, a mobile app demo and analytics platform for developers, announced it has now raised USD 30M in funding this year with USD 15M coming in its Series B from a group led by Breakaway Growth Fund, whose team includes Paul Heydon, seed investor in Supercell, the company said.
Tornadoes and a thunderstorm "supercell" have swept across Queensland in Australia, injuring four people and causing widespread damage, BBC reports.
Clash of Clans from publisher Supercell hit the top spot on that list.