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A taxonomic category of related organisms ranking below a phylum or its subdivisions and above a class.


(Biology) a taxonomic group that is a subdivision of a subphylum


(ˈsu pərˌklæs, -ˌklɑs)

n. Biol.
1. a category of related classes within a phylum or subphylum.
2. a subphylum.
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Noun1.superclass - (biology) a taxonomic class below a phylum and above a class
biological science, biology - the science that studies living organisms
taxon, taxonomic category, taxonomic group - animal or plant group having natural relations
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We are creating an elite superclass of swimmers, or runners, or rowers, or dressage riders, or whatever - many drawn from an existing public school elite - to enjoy a richly-rewarded life as sportsmen and women.
Day two saw crash after crash on the fast and challenging track with several top riders biting the dust, including Team GB rider Tre Whyte who smashed through the timber guardrails on turn one and landed in the crowd during the Superclass final.
Plugin match: The Matchmaker recognizes a Plugin match, if outS superclass of outR.
b) entities sets that come into relationships sets superclass / subclass;
The default superclass for all the subclasses is Thing.
In Section 2, we present minimal forbidden induced subgraph characterizations of balanced graphs within a superclass of the class of Helly circular-arc graphs and the classes of claw-free circular-arc graphs and gem-free circular-arc graphs.
5 Copelata dioica Fol Subphylum Craniata Superclass Gnathos- tomata Class Actinop- terygii Clupei Clupeidae Harengu/a 10.
g] is a superclass of Up in the algebra group supercharacter theory.
In David Rothkopf's Superclass, Goldman Sachs plays a pivotal role as one of the nerve centers of the global elite, with vast influence over political and economic debate (Rothkopf 2008).
A once lauded profession, is now widely viewed as a job for cronies and crooks - an overpaid superclass no one wants a part of.
The underlined attributes; primary key of superclass is inserted into each its subclasses (shows in relation form):
These latest, record-breaking introductions are not only a testament to the strength of our exclusive, superclass of ageLOC products, but further demonstration of the high-caliber and talented sales leaders we have in these regions, as well as throughout the world.