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Soni, "Extracting anomalous gluona top-quark effective couplings at the supercolliders," Physical Review Letters, vol.
The next section presents a history of controversies, beginning with a comparison of Galileo and Oppenheimer and discussing the space race, supercolliders, military science, drug and sex education, and global climate change.
Jurors who are influenced by this belief see people as "human supercolliders, their personalities buffeted and shaped in unseen ways by the numerous events, people, and influences that they come in contact with." (49)
Work on the last generation of supercolliders at CERN led directly to the development of the internet, although this was never the question physicists set out to answer.
This perspective construes feeding the poor and building superconducting supercolliders as somehow mutually exclusive.
Some scientists, for example, worry that some of the newest generation of supercolliders might inadvertently open a black hole, sucking the universe out through some graduate student's science experiment.
Helium also helps Supercolliders make atoms, well, collide.
But we have also invested in superconducting supercolliders and Star Wars lasers, and placed earthquake engineering centers where there are few earthquakes.
Unlike supercolliders or surrealists, the signal result of silence is not the dissolution of material.
Fewer readers pay close attention to reports on superconductors and supercolliders, or to the sort of geewhiz science writing about tectonic plates and black holes that fills Science Times, The New York Times's weekly science section.
We stumbled from cave to wheels to sling-shots to sliced bread, from superstition to supercolliders. The popular wisdom is that we became properly civilized only 400 years ago with the belated arrival of science as we now know it.
Superconducting supercolliders are to be funded at around $8.5 billion.