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n. pl. su·per·col·o·nies
A colony of social insects, especially ants, that is so large that workers from distant nests within the same colony cannot interact directly with each other.
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30pm THE title sounds like Attenborough is a comic book hero, with a vast supercolony of ants on hand to perform his every evil deed.
30pm THE title sounds as if Attenborough has been recast as a comic book hero, with a vast supercolony of ants on hand to perform his every evil deed.
This type of niche promotes rapid colonisation of the environment, with interconnected nests leading to a supercolony of cooperative workers, especially after an environmental disturbance.
A recent study published in the journal Behavioral Ecology posits that the surging human population is starting to organize like an ant supercolony.
The story of the supercolony is that of a species opting for dominance over sustainability.
One supercolony covered more than a city block and held 6 million workers and thousands of queens.
Washington, Jan 22 (ANI): An international team of researchers have found that certain species of ants have an unusual way of invading a large area - they cooperate with other colonies to form a supercolony.
The success of this invasion has been interpreted as resulting from the diminution in intraspecies aggression and subsequent supercolony formation, probably due to a reduction of recognition alleles that prevent individuals from discriminating nestmates from non-nestmates based on genetic similarity (Tsutsui et al.
About 1200 nests are connected by trails to form a supercolony that extends over 0.
One such supercolony resides along much of the California coast.
Ant peace and war The largest ant supercolony yet found stretched in a network of cooperating nests from Italy to the Atlantic (161: 245).
Researchers have documented the largest ant supercolony yet, a network of Argentine ant nests stretching at least 6,000 kilometers across Europe.