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Exhibiting superconductivity.
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Summary: Kofu [Japan], Aug 5 (ANI): The "Linear Chuo Shinkansen" is conducted for practical use with the latest Japanese technology which is superconducting. There is also an effort to utilise superconductivity in the field of renewable energy.
This research study titled " Superconducting Fault Current Limiter Market " Get Report Sample Copy@ The superconducting fault current limiter market is poised to remain lucrative on the back of demand acceleration for uninterrupted power supply and growing population.
A promising candidate is superconducting logic, which relies on precisely engineered microscopic switches called Josephson junctions (JJs).
But in some remarkable materials known as superconductors, when cooled below a characteristic superconducting temperature, electrons pair up and coalesce into a massive quantum wave, now flowing in coherent motion, without losing any energy at all.
High Temperature Superconducting Magnetic Levitation
The device allows a superconducting artificial atom-a qubit-to exchange energy and quantum information with a high frequency bulk acoustic wave resonator (HBAR).
A superconducting high-temperature short-circuit current limiter is an alternative to the use of conventional current-limiting reactors.
Scientists and engineers attempting to build a scalable and efficient quantum computer normally go about it in one of the two ways - by trapping ions in magnetic fields, or by using superconducting circuits.
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 28, 2017-Avingtrans Acquires Majority Stake in UK Superconducting Magnet Business
22 November 2016 - UK-based research tools and systems provider Oxford Instruments plc (LSE: OXIG) has sold its Oxford Instruments Superconducting Wire LLC unit to US-based diagnostic solutions provider Bruker Corp's (NASDAQ: BRKR) Bruker Energy and Supercon Technologies Inc subsidiary for a consideration of USD 17.5m, payable in cash, the company said.

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