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The property of certain materials, including certain metals, alloys, and ceramics, to superconduct at temperatures ranging from a fraction of a kelvin to about one hundred kelvin.

su′per·con·duc′tive (-kən-dŭk′tĭv) adj.


[ˌsuːpəkənˈdʌktɪv] ADJsuperconductor
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Mercury was the first material that showed superconductive properties and is classified as a Type-I superconductor.
Theory states that fermions with a weak interaction should pair up at the temperature at which they become superconductive.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Superconductive single photon detector system with accessories
0T superconductive magnet; the most powerful gradient system GE Healthcare has ever developed for a wide bore 3.
Superconductive materials, those that feature no resistance to electricity, display a pronounced form of diamagnetism below a critical temperature, at which point they begin completely repelling magnetic fields.
The team took two compounds, each of which had insulative properties, and combined them to create a superconductive "complex oxide heterostructure," per their published study.
0-T superconductive MRI Scanner (Signa HDxt, GE Medical Systems, LLC, Milwaukee, WI, USA).
It is also used for cooling superconductive magnets, and filling fluorescent lamps and electronic tubes.
Ultrafast laser techniques have helped MIT physics graduate Fahad Mahmood and fellows establish that electrons form charge-density waves in the thin-film superconductive material LSCO cuprate.
They cover fundamentals of superconductivity; superconducting materials now used or soon to be used in applications; technology, preparation, and characterization of materials; superconducting magnets; power applications; superconductive passive components; applications in quantum metrology; superconducting radiation and particle detectors; superconducting quantum interference (SQUIDs); superconducting digital electronics; radiation sources; and tunable microwave devices.
Niobium (Nb), which becomes superconductive at the highest temperature (9.
They offer superior properties to their non-nano analogs: They are brighter, harder, smaller, stronger, more reactive, more precise, superconductive and even self-healing," IHS Global said.

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