su′per·em′i·nence n.
su′per·em′i·nent·ly adv.
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The swelling biceps, the coat straining at its buttons over the chest, the air of conscious conviction of the supereminence of the male in the cosmogony of creation, even a calm display of bow legs as subduing and enchanting agents in the gentle tourneys of Cupid--these were the approved arms and ammunition of the Clover Leaf gallants.
Shaping Heroic Virtue: Studies in the Art and Politics of Supereminence in Europe and Scandinavia
Considering various deities to be aspects of the single self, Yaska explains that "on account of the supereminence of the deity, a single soul is praised in various ways.
second reason is that, if one man would have had supereminence over
The contrast between Neoplatonic intellectual salvation and how in 'sonship the mind meets God face to face as he is participable, not in his supereminence' (159), which connects both with the Christian understanding of the Platonic Forms in the divine mind (37ff.) and the ousia/energeiai distinction introduced by the Greek fathers, also needs much further explication before a meaningful philosophical distinction can be teased out.