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A fluid, such as liquid helium, that flows with little or no friction at temperatures close to absolute zero.

su′per·flu·id′i·ty (-flo͞o-ĭd′ĭ-tē) n.
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(General Physics) physics a fluid in a state characterized by a very low viscosity, high thermal conductivity, high capillarity, etc. The only known example is that of liquid helium at temperatures close to absolute zero
(General Physics) being or relating to a superfluid
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(ˌsu pərˈflu ɪd)
a fluid having frictionless flow, high heat conductivity, and other unusual properties: helium below 2.186 K is the only known example.
su`per•flu•id′i•ty, n.
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"One of these components, a soup of superfluid neutrons in the inner layer of the crust, moves outwards first and hits the rigid outer crust of the star causing it to spin up," Dr Lasky said.
To do this, they successively stored individual water molecules in a tiny droplet of superfluid helium, which is as cold as 0.4 Kelvin (or -272.75 degrees Celsius).
"One of these components, a soup of superfluid neutrons in the inner layer of the crust, moves outwards first and hits the rigid outer crust of the star causing it to spin up," Paul Lasky, one of the authors of the study, said in a ( statement.
This mist helps nourish and rebalance your skin's moisture thanks to a softening and anti-aging 20% Hadasei-3 superfluid base, which contains a trio of Japanese superfoods: green tea, rice, and algae.
Specifically, the endpoint of significant note is that the inviscid fluid medium described, from MacCullagh and Maxwell up through Kevlin to the Cosserats, has most of the properties now known as a superfluid. The exploration of superfluid models of spacetime is not a new concept with some of the first major papers published circa 1976, but the Cosserat model of precisely how a superfluid vacuum might work is significantly different from any previous proposals with numerous implications for the application and interpretation of Lorentz invariance as well as expectations about the phenomena of vortex filaments proposed in those earlier theories and now shown to exist within experiments with superfluid helium.
Rhee made the remarks during a New Year seminar held by consulting firm EY Han Young under the theme of "Corporate Strategy in the Superfluid Era" at the Lotte Hotel in Jung-gu, Seoul.
The study is also extended to the quantum statistic viewpoint, as the superfluid black holes are reported recently [20].
For instance, the case l(s) = s models the time evolution of the condensate wave function in superfluid film [1, 2] and is called the superfluid film equation in fluid mechanics by Kurihara [1].
The Forum aims to provide an interactive element to EY Jordan's annual Entrepreneur Of The Year award ceremony gala, whereby local and regional experts from across the private and public sectors are allowed the invaluable opportunity to share their expertise through two panels discussions, titled, 'The DNA of Innovation' and 'Superfluid Industries', to best help innovators thrive and contribute to the overall development of the region.
To polarize the space or vacuum that one of the two laser light beams travels through, we can place or put an electrically charged object, a type II ceramic superconductor disk, or a superfluid torus near the path of the beam (Fig.
Another 17 articles review the current status of such condensed matters as quantum Hall effects: discovery and application, extreme mechanics: self-folding origami, glass and jamming transitions: from exact results to finite-dimensional descriptions, diagonalizing transfer matrices and matrix product operators: a medley of exact and computational methods, and Andreev reflections in superfluid 3He: a probe for quantum turbulence.