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A fluid, such as liquid helium, that flows with little or no friction at temperatures close to absolute zero.

su′per·flu·id′i·ty (-flo͞o-ĭd′ĭ-tē) n.
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(General Physics) physics the state of being or property of becoming a superfluid
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The quest for ever colder temperatures has been a major theme of physics for more than a century, leading to such breakthroughs as the discovery of superfluidity and superconductivity, and more recently the development of laser cooling techniques.
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Moving to the atomic scale, LCLS has provided the first direct evidence of superfluidity in nanometer-sized quantum systems, and has imaged the process of electron charge transfer to better understand how to harness photosynthesis for energy generation.
Pitaevsky developed a phenomenological theory of superfluidity of matter (the <<Ginzburg-Pitaevsky theory>>) [1, 32], Investigations in the physics of superfluid liquids allow humanity to penetrate deeper into the complex and often unknown processes occurring in matter at ultralow temperatures in the lowest and orderly energy state of its atoms.
However, these outlines would fail to explain IB's at low spin, where the blocking of the pairing contributions of the odd nucleon is predicted to reduce the nuclear superfluidity, there by increasing the moment of inertia of the odd-A nucleus.
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The author covers superfluidity and the order parameter, quantum turbulence, Higgs, renormalization, the Halper-Huang scalar field, the dynamics of spacetime, black holes, the big bang, the creation of matter, and a wide variety of other related subjects over the course of the bookAEs eleven chapters.