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A group of closely linked genes occupying a large chromosomal segment and frequently functioning as a genetic unit.
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a cluster of closely-related genes, often with connected functions
(of a mineral) deposited by downward flow of groundwater(of a chemical process or enrichment) involving or caused by minerals deposited during downward flow of groundwater
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(ˈsu pərˌdʒin)

a portion of a chromosome consisting of linked genes that act as a single unit of inheritance.
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A review of other Prospects both adjacent and along strike to the Horse prospects indicates exploration has been largely innefective, with vertical drilling failing to adequately test the narrow sub-vertical nature of the mineralised structures which have minimal supergene spread.
This drilling indicates that the gold discovery initially reported (News Release January 24, 2019) has "roots" and not supergene. This drilling information clearly shows the potential at depth in this area and identifies that this is a Birimian hydrothermal type gold mineralization.
RC and diamond drilling is continuing, with RC drilling primarily focussed on defining the extent and tenor of the supergene zone and diamond drilling continuing to test the extents of the deposit.
Arc Minerals' geologist described the higher grade intersections from its widely spaced drilling at Cheyeza as located within a black saprolite thought to be the result of deep oxidation and supergene processes have formed an apparent sub-surface, secondary oxide tabular shaped body, that appears to have been influenced meteoric waters.
The reverse circulation drilling is focused on defining the extent of Winu's supergene zone, while the diamond drilling tests the extents of the deposit.
The Glutathione S-Transferase Supergene Family: Regulation of GST and the Contribution of the lsoenzymes to Cancer Chemoprotection and Drug Resistance.
The genesis of chalcocite can be categorized into three general models: (1) hypogene hypothermal ores that precipitate from hydrothermal fluids (>150[degrees]C), (2) red bed and stratiform "sedimentary" ores that precipitate from fluids that circulate through sedimentary basins at temperatures <150[degrees]C, and (3) supergene enrichment ores that precipitate from low to ambient temperature oxidative fluids in near-surface environments.
A number of important behavioral and physiological traits distinguish both social forms of Solenopsis invicta Buren (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) and correlate with 2 categories of alleles (B-like and b-like alleles) at the Gp-9 locus within a supergene complex; these traits include fat body content, number of colony queens, dispersal, ability to initiate new colonies, selective mortality of sexuals, and size of workers (Ross 1997; Goodisman et al.
While elephants have the supergene prized by researchers, Cappechi notes that mice are somewhat easier to raise in a lab.
In this area observed copper mineralization as hypogenous (chalcopyrite and bornite) and supergene (malachite and azurite).