n. (used with a sing. or pl. verb)
Brightly colored and simply designed graphic shapes of billboard proportions.
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pl n
very large-scale graphics
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(ˌsu pərˈgræf ɪks)

n. (used with a sing. or pl. v.)
large-scale graphic art in bold colors and in geometric or typographic designs.
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SUPERGRAPHICS ARE an exciting way to express the overall aesthetic of a project and create an engaging environment.
At macba what begins in the opening gallery as a theoretical and historical introduction to the work segues into a display of more than twenty projects--presented as "evidence files," and comprising narrated videos, supergraphics, 3-D-printed models, and the occasional installation--that interrogate processes of contemporary urban warfare, drone assassinations, environmental violence, refugee emergencies, and accompanying governmental cover-ups.
To reinforce their place and community in an inspirational setting, the new community resource center features colorful wall-to-ceiling photographs, supergraphics and quotations with historical and cultural significance.
The disorderly proliferation of these 'supergraphics' as well as 'still' graphics needs to be addressed, too, by our lawmakers as a way of holistically addressing frequent road crashes and changing the visual impact of our cities as landscapes of congested, messy and aesthetically challenged thoroughfares and skylines.
Seattle-based visual communication and graphics company superGraphics said it has become a part of space travel history by completing a 14,000-square foot mural on corrugated hangar doors at the Boeing Commercial Crew and Cargo Processing Facility at the Kennedy Space Center located on Cape Canaveral, Florida.
Supergraphics presenting Hollein's architectural projects at a one-to-one scale reference the architect's tendency to use immersive, lifesize reproductions.
It was one of the first examples of a street as a public space in Lithuania, where not only buildings but also advertisements designed on purpose, murals and pieces of supergraphics served as the space formants.
Dramatic up-lighting of perimeter walls provides focus on supergraphics, which are modeled after 19th-century classical designs.
PA: Supergraphics, 1970); Les Daniels, Marvel Five Decades of the
With a watchman and "high-intensity lighting and several supergraphics to dramatize the Academy's location," the parking lot better served BAM's patrons and opened up the Opera House to full view from Flatbush Avenue.
The argument justifying repression (in the Freudian sense) of the pits' presence with walls of supergraphics is known in formal logic as a sieve.
Designed by Venturi Scott Brown, the early '90s building was distinguished by an assertively decorated facade that wrapped around a corner site on First Avenue and University Street with a mix of supergraphics, colour and conspicuous historical pastiche.