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Of, relating to, or being a form of radio reception in which the frequency of an incoming radio signal is mixed with a locally generated signal and converted to an intermediate frequency in order to facilitate amplification and the rejection of unwanted signals.
A superheterodyne radio receiver.

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(ˌsu pərˈhɛt ər əˌdaɪn)
1. noting or pertaining to a method of receiving radio signals in which the heterodyne process is used to lower the frequency of an incoming modulated wave and the wave is then amplified and demodulated.
2. a superheterodyne receiver.
[1920–25; super (sonic) + heterodyne]
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SIGLENT's latest VNA release is the SVA1015X, which is based on the company's SSA3000X series of superheterodyne spectrum analyzers.
The superheterodyne receiver is one of the most successful forms of radio used in electronics and information systems.
In this paper, the superheterodyne receiver of a commercially available RFIC is used to achieve a longer range than that of a superregenerative receiver.
Even though classical superheterodyne DTT tuners are disappearing from the market, they are still very common in the European households and DTT receivers with this tuner type should also be measured.
The receiver is based on the double superheterodyne concept (Fig.
Different from conventional superheterodyne receivers, the coastal UHF radar receiver directly samples the echoes in RF (radio frequency) stage and both the frequency downconversion and signal demodulation are performed in digital domain and thus the receiver is called "full-digital receiver" [7].
The DCR is able to do away with the surface acoustic wave (SAW) filter which is typical of superheterodyne receivers, thus reducing size, cost, and complexity.
A superheterodyne spectroscopy (33,34) was developed with the intermediate frequency ([[omega].sub.TF]) of 25 MHz, which is provided by the local synthesizer.
To ensure correct navigation, Mackay purchased a nine-valve superheterodyne wireless receiving set, and carried it for the whole trip.
The demodulator is suitable for superheterodyne architectures with IF frequencies of 20 MHz to 300 MHz, and the device may be used in low IF systems or those converting down to baseband.
H.: 9-GHz Complex Permittivity Measurements of High-Loss Liquids Using a VariableLength Reflection Cavity and a DualChannel, Double Superheterodyne Signal Processing System.
Taking the electrodynamics and the lasers in turn, he considers such topics as high-current free electron lasers as a historical relic of the Star Wars epoch, hierarchic systems with fast rotating phases, whether hierarchic oscillations and waves are the foundation of the world, the weak-signal theory of parametrical (ordinary) free electron lasers, and two-stream superheterodyne free electron lasers.