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tr.v. su·per·im·posed, su·per·im·pos·ing, su·per·im·pos·es
1. To lay or place (something) on or over something else.
2. To add as a distinct feature, element, or quality: superimposed her own interpretation when she retold the story.

su′per·im·pos′a·ble adj.
su′per·im′po·si′tion (-ĭm′pə-zĭsh′ən) n.


(Art Terms) able to be superimposed
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As we wrote, Forte reads the SME model as an evolution of Ordo, even though not entirely superimposable.
For the primary endpoint of TTR, the curves were superimposable, with 5-year TTR of 90.
It describes something that is not superimposable onto its mirror image; human hands are one of the most universally recognizable examples of this phenomenon.
Growth curves for all isolates were superimposable (Figure 3, panel A).
The lines are practically superimposable, except at [sigma] values below 3, where the effect of bias on the computed value of Max E([N.
The graph curves were superimposable for naldemedine and placebo at all time points, showing that naldemedine did not interfere with the analgesic effect of opioids.
As it is shown, the mean serum concentration-time curves from the test and reference products are about superimposable.
Atthree months from switching over from liquid to soft gel capsule L-T4, TSH, fT4, and fT3 levels were superimposable on those found at recruitment, but reductions were seen over the next 3 months of therapy (i.
The bioenergetic behaviour of primary and transformed cells was very similar, with the two cell types displaying superimposable mitochondrial parameters (data not shown).
He noted the Kaplan Meier curves for hospitalized heart failure were virtually superimposable in TECOS, and at no time point was there any difference in the event rate between the placebo and sitagliptin arms.
The mass spectrum was found to be superimposable (> 93) with that of the authentic compound from the GC-MS library.
54) The malignant potential of IMT of the genitourinary tract is seen in anecdotal cases of transformation into true inflammatory fibrosarcoma, which is characterized by increasing atypia and cellularity in a background superimposable on that of classic IMT (see index case in Figure 3, A through C).