superior alveolar artery

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Noun1.superior alveolar artery - the alveolar artery that supplies the upper teeth
alveolar artery, arteria alveolaris - a branch of the maxillary artery that supplies the alveolar process
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The anterior superior alveolar artery is a branch of the infraorbital artery, which comes from the maxillary artery; and the anterior superior alveolar vein is a tributary of the pterygoid plexus (Jones).
Last but not least, positioning the window according to this technique would usually prevent the clinician from encountering the posterior superior alveolar artery [26,27], thus minimizing the risk of damaging it.
The posterior superior alveolar artery (PSAA) and infraorbital artery (IOA) are the branches of the maxillary artery that supply the lateral sinus wall and overlying membrane.