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Floating on the surface.
n. also su·per·nate (so͞o′pər-nāt′)
The clear fluid above a sediment or precipitate.

[Latin supernatāns, supernatant-, present participle of supernatāre, to float : super-, super- + natāre, to swim, frequentative of nāre; see snā- in Indo-European roots.]


a supernatant liquid
to float on (a surface)
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The supernate was separated and filtered through a 0.45 [micro]m membrane prior to HPLC analysis.
Under magnet treatment, the resulted supernate was collected, respectively, after 5 min and 10 min.
If eluate was reactive and final wash supernate was non-reactive, then eluate reactions were valid.
Of the supernate, 10 [micro]L was injected into the high performance liquid chromatography system (Thermo Finnigan Surveyor) for analysis.
Forty uL supernate was transferred into a 0.5 mL centrifuge tube, added into 160 uL absolute ethyl alcohol and stored at 4degC.
As shown in Figure 4(e), ELISAs showed a decrease of the inflammatory factors TNF-[alpha], IL-12, and IL-1[beta] in cell supernate in the mTOR knockdown group but an increase in the Atg5 knockdown group compared to that in the HSYA-SDT group.
* Dilute the supernate by adding 2 vol of cold water to precipitate myosin by forming myosin filaments.
After sludge-washing, the stirrer was lifted, the supernate was decanted after 30 min of settling, and the residue was then weighed and transferred into a dry oven to be dried at 105[degrees]C for 4 h.
The mixture was vortexed for 30 s and centrifuged at 10,000 rpm for 10 min to get supernate, and then 10 [micro]l supernate of each sample was injected into high-performance liquid chromatography HPLC column for analysis (Chertov et al.
The research team found the form of soluble CD147 in cell culture supernate of HCC cells and serum of HCC patients, and examined the role of soluble CD147 on MMPs secretion.