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a. superolateral, en posición superior y lateral.
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Vertebral artery (VA) arises from the superolateral aspect of 1st part of the subclavian artery and takes a vertical posterior course to enter the foramina transversaria of 6th cervical vertebrae.
Bipartite patella with an accessory ossification center at the superolateral pole, the insertion site of the vastus lateralis, is a rare congenital anomaly.
19) In both groups, arthrocentesis through the superolateral patella portal was performed using a 20G x 32 mm sterile needle after local subcutaneous anesthesia with 2 mL at 1% lidocaine hydrochloride.
The secretions drain through numerous ducts into superolateral conjunctival sac of the eye, from there it flows to the medial angle of the eye by the contraction of orbicularis oculi muscle.
Lateral periurethral tunnels are created with Metzenbaum scissors and the endopelvic fascia is perforated in the superolateral direction, aiming the tips of the scissors towards the ipsilateral shoulder (Fig.
There was associated mass effect on the optic chiasm, and superolateral displacement of the bilateral internal carotid arteries.
Diagnosis of interstitial pregnancy is generally based on ultrasonographic findings that are specific to this clinical entity, such as eccentric gestational sac, an echogenic line lying between the gestational sac and endometrium ("interstitial line sign"), a thin myometrial layer that covers the superolateral portion of the gestational sac and an empty endometrial cavity.
O avaliador ficou agachado lateralmente a avaliada posicionando a fita metrica no ponto correspondente entre a distancia media da protuberancia mais superior do grande trocanterio e superolateral da tibia (Guedes e Guedes, 2006).
Para a dobra cutanea tricipital, foi utilizada uma fita metrica com precisao de 1 cm, e medida a distancia entre a borda superolateral do acromio e o olecrano, no lado posterior do braco, e no ponto medio foi aferida a dobra.
13) The superolateral geniculate vessels should be preserved when performing lateral patellar release for patellar instability in TKA.
A 43-year old male presented to clinic with a three-month history of an enlarging mass originating from the right superolateral orbit extending temporally.