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a. superolateral, en posición superior y lateral.
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The VL sensor was placed at approximately 10-cm proximal to the superolateral border of the patella oriented at 15 to 20[degrees] to the reference line.
First, a line is drawn between the anterior superior iliac spine and the superolateral aspect of the patella.
(7) reported the prevalence of cam lesion detected by MRI to be 31.9% (15/47) in a group of professional ballet dancers, where 74% of the dancers had at least two out of six radiographic signs of pincer impingement (i.e., ischial spine sign, posterior wall sign, crossover sign, superolateral acetabular rim fracture, coxa profunda, and protrusion acetabuli).
often observed in the superolateral angle of the patella ...
At surgery the entire section within and below the central keyhole portion of the Wise pattern is de-epithelialized, retaining a predetermined appropriately size matched NAC on a consolidated superomedial and superolateral blood supply (referred to as zone 1).
A contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CECT) scan of the orbit and paranasal sinuses revealed a soft-tissue mass of 5.8 cm x 5.4 cm in his left superolateral orbit.
Two-view HIDA scan images demonstrate radiotracer activity that arises from gallbladder fossa and courses superolateral towards the pericardium before exiting out the left chest pericardial drainage catheter.
Thus, performing preoperative hip version analyses with axial CT or MR imaging should be considered to assess for the smaller subtle cam morphologies found in females prior to anterosuperior and superolateral acetabulum rim trimming to avoid increasing contact stresses at weight-bearing areas that may accelerate hip degeneration.
Breast lumps in the superior-medial quadrant were in 26.7% of patients, superolateral quadrant 32.7%, inferomedial quadrant 13.3% and inferolateral quadrant 27.3% patients.
Electrodes have been implanted in the subcallosal cingulate gyrus, inferior thalamic peduncle, ventral capsule/ventral striatum, superolateral branch of the medial forebrain bundle (MFB), and nucleus accumbens.
Se localiza en la parte superolateral de la fosa poplitea y su cara anterior revestida de cartilago articular se articula con el condilo lateral del femur, por lo que se considera un sesamoideo articular.