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1. Of higher rank, status, or value.
2. Logic Of or being the relation of a broader category to a narrower category that it encompasses, such as metal in relation to iron.

su′per·or′di·nate n.
su′per·or′di·nate′ (-ôr′dn-āt′) v.
su′per·or′di·na′tion (-ôr′dn-ā′shən) n.


the state of being superordinate
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Noun1.superordination - the semantic relation of being superordinate or belonging to a higher rank or class
semantic relation - a relation between meanings
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Barth's notion of male and female together comprising the image of God retains the notion of superordination and subordination: the man is always A, and the woman always B.
The main purpose of this paper is to derive some third-order differential subordination, differential superordination properties, and sandwich-type theorems of the integral operator [W.sub.s,b]f(z).
With the passage of a separate law on public administration proceedings, Parliament declared that if public administration proceedings significantly depart from lawsuits under private law, this manifests itself in the different positions of the parties subordination and superordination as well as in the specific requirements defined in respect of the judicial bodies that assess the cases.
a subtle form of Jim Crow, one that did not resort to routine violence, formal segregation, or other overt tactics of superordination but reproduced white supremacy all the same.
Seenivasagan, "Subordination and superordination of the Liu-Srivastava linear operator on meromorphic functions," Bulletin of the Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society, vol.
Superordination and subordination and degrees of domination and freedom.
Although branches (edges) run only vertically the graph not only shows subordination and superordination but also co-ordination of vertices.
Karthikeyan, Differential subordination and superordination for analytic functions defined using a family of generalized differential operators, An.
determining properties of functions p(z) that satisfy the following third-order differential superordination:
Despite the largely differing nature of activity of each of the security bodies, there are significant common features (nature of tasks, organizational structures with strong subordination and superordination relationships, service relationship), which allow transferring the knowledge obtained based on studying one of the security institutions of the state (in this case, the intelligence services).
In the context of inter-classial relationships, the same situation is revealed by orderings in which one of the partners is a total notion (the subordination of the notion "philosopher" with respect to the notion "man," in the universe of discourse ensured by the notion "European"; the superordination of the notion "parallelogram" with respect to the notion "square" in the universe of discourse set up the notion "rhombus").
To derive certain sandwich-type results, we use the dual concept of differential subordination and superordination.