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 (so͞o′pər-ō′vyə-lāt′, -ŏv′yə-)
v. su·per·o·vu·lat·ed, su·per·o·vu·lat·ing, su·per·o·vu·lates
To produce mature ova at an accelerated rate or in a large number at one time.
To cause (an animal) to superovulate.

su′per·o·vu·la′tion n.


(Physiology) the act or an instance of superovulating
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Iulandi: prospective randomized trial comparing the effect of Letrazole and Clomiphene citrate on follicular development, endometrial thickness, and pregnancy rate in patient undergoing superovulation prior to intrauterine insemination.
Patient had undergone treatment of infertility with superovulation and IVF.
Drost (4) reviewed the Hindu experience, including 10 years of superovulation and embryo transferring, finding 2.3 embryos per animal with a pregnancy rate of 15% and an embryo reabsorption rate of 35%.
Females and males were randomly assigned to control or test groups and mated overnight after induction of superovulation in females using intraperitoneal (i.p) injection of 10 International Units (IU) of pregnant mare's serum gonadotrophin folligon (PMSG; Intervet, Germany) followed by injection of 10 /U of Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG; Organon, UK) with a 42-48 hi interval.
Cattle having low number of antral follicles show reduced response to superovulation (Ireland et al 2007) and much lower circulating concentrations of progesterone and reduced endometrial thickness from day 0 to 6 of the estrous cycle (Jimenez- Krassel et al 2009) compared with cattle of similar age with a higher antral follicular count.
: Abstract.- An experiment was carried out using 25 crossbred does to evaluate the efficacy of gonadotrophin sources on ovarian responses during superovulation. Oestrus was synchronised by inserting CIDR for 14 days and 125g of PGF2a was injected intramuscularly on Day 11.
Predictive value of sperm motility characteristics assessed by computer-assisted sperm analysis in intrauterine insemination with superovulation in couples with unexplained infertility.
In rodents, a recent study showed that administration of visfatin during superovulation improves the developmental competency of oocytes and fertility potential in old female mice suggesting a role of this adipokine in ovarian function and oocyte quality in older mammals [70].
The effect of method of oestrus synchronization on the response of ewes to superovulation with porcine follicle stimulating hormone.
ORLANDO - Although many physicians first recommend superovulation treatment in a stepwise approach to infertility, a study has shown that immediate in vitro fertilization yields significantly higher pregnancy and live birth rates for couples trying to conceive when the woman is aged 38-43 years.
As adults, these mice have multioocyte follicles, lack regular estrous cycles, and are infertile even after superovulation, and approximately 30% develop uterine cancer (Jefferson et al.
Induction of multiple pregnancies by superovulation in sheep, offers reasonably possibilities to obtain both, viable and non-viable conceptuses for comparative studies [15].