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The particle symmetrical to a given particle according to supersymmetry, by which symmetry each fermion is hypothetically associated with a corresponding supersymmetric boson, and each boson with a supersymmetric fermion.
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A massive superpartner should have precisely the properties needed to account for the dark matter in space; it would interact only weakly with ordinary matter, inspiring the nickname of WIMP (weakly interacting massive particle).
This could be the sign of 'super symmetry', a theory which proposes there is a heavier superpartner for every particle in the standard model.
Theoretical physicists view gravity as having superpartner "gravitino," which carries its force throughout the world and Universe, electromagnetism the "photino", the weak nuclear force the "wino" and "zino", and the strong nuclear force the "gluino".
This superpartner, the neutralino, has for decades been the single most popular WIMP candidate for dark matter.
A device called the Large Hadron Collider being built in Switzerland might soon show evidence of something called a superpartner, a new form of energy and matter predicted by string theory.
The electron's partner is the super-electron, and the photon's superpartner is called the photino.
However, they think that some of its features can be supported by circumstantial evidence: extra dimensions (10 or 11), superpartner particles, fluctuations in background radiation.
Tanedo has spent much of his time in graduate school working on supersymmetry, a set of theories positing that every fundamental subatomic particle has a heavier sibling called a superpartner.
All along, most experts assumed that WIMPs would be the superpartner of an ordinary particle, as described by a theoretical framework known as supersymmetry (affectionately called SUSY for short).
Supersymmetry could also mean that the Higgs itself has its own massive superpartner particle.
For example, if the lightest superparticle turned out to be the wino, the superpartner of the weak force-carrying W boson, that would be consistent with a version of string theory known by the pithy moniker "M-theory compactified on 7-D manifold of [G.
Theories that might account for the DZero result include supersymmetry, which assumes that each elementary particle in the standard model has an as-yet-undiscovered heavier superpartner, notes theorist Marcela Carena of Fermilab, who is not a member of the discovery team.