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An artistic and literary movement characterized by extreme realism.

su′per·re′al, su′per·re′al·is′tic adj.
su′per·re′al·ist n.
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(Art Terms) surpassing realism
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"Il Penseroso: The Fat Lady" features the poet back on the road, this time I-95, which is "rushing / up too superreal like a movie-promo / before digital got finesse." An italicized stanza reveals her writerly frustrations:
Desde lo fantastico hasta lo que ha sido llamado onirico y superreal o surreal en su obra, Reyes anticipa una libertad de generos y registros que lo vincula, mas alla de lo estilistico, ademas de Borges, a Sergio Pitol, Juan Jose Arreola y Roberto Bolano.