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tr.v. su·per·sat·u·rat·ed, su·per·sat·u·rat·ing, su·per·sat·u·rates
1. To cause (a chemical solution) to contain more dissolved solute than is normally possible under given conditions of temperature and pressure.
2. To cause (a vapor) to exceed the normal saturation vapor pressure at a given temperature.

su′per·sat′u·ra′tion n.
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is the supersaturation of respectively the atoms of oxygen, carbon, interstitial intrinsic silicon atoms and vacancies; [sigma] is the density of the surface interfacial energy between the precipitate and the matrix; [mu] is the shear modulus of silicon; [delta] and [epsilon] are the linear and volume deformation of mismatch between the precipitate and the matrix; [[gamma].
This could be the triggering event of both the supersaturation in these species of the groundwater and the precipitation of gypsum crystals in open discontinuities and fissures of the damaged zone.
I would argue, moreover, that this similarity between Smith and Obama--as respectively expressed through these images--isn't quick to make itself obvious as a result of the supersaturation of the public sphere with images of Obama, so much so as to render the formation of any such bond invisible (as consistent with the aim of any ideological function); the two now share a language so familiar to us their connection hides under our noses.
In the Drain, the alunite disequilibrium coefficient indicated undersaturation early in the 1997 wet season followed by supersaturation and then strong supersaturation with [D.
It then becomes essential to deal with potential calcium loss due to supersaturation, or risk deposit formation as scale on heat exchange surfaces, as sludge settling in the cooling tower basin or elsewhere, as mineralization and bulking of biofilm, or as increased residue at wet/dry boundaries of the cooling tower.
However, one may argue against the complex and presently unchangeable reality of things, but no argument will change it; one illustration of this being that, while the sheer volume of this growing testimony may in time risk a supersaturation of the field beyond the mastery of individual scholars and laymen alike, nonetheless such (often driven) personal evidencing of survivors' past will continue well into the foreseeable future, with each book or essay individualizing actual, concrete experiences headed by a name and a face of its own, fated otherwise to be lost in the anomie of the collective mass--as a tombstone is to a mass grave.
In the case of the investigated composite membranes, the particles of HA were accessible to the nucleation making it possible to reach the supersaturation of SBF and thus the precipitation of calcium phosphate.
1992) through rapid growth at high supersaturation in silica gel.
In the former case, the mechanism has been verified experimentally and appears to be a significant contributor to freckle formation in ESR ingots of steels made under conditions where oxidation may occur which leads to a supersaturation of the interdendritic liquid due to carbon and oxygen segregation on freezing.
initial moisture content), velocity of moving liquid film-air interface or rate of drying, and the degree of supersaturation on the solid surface near the contact point are to be considered in the second paper in this research.