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1. The act or process of superseding.
2. Replacement of an old or diseased queen bee with a new one.
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Noun1.supersedure - act of replacing one person or thing by another especially one held to be superior
replacement, replacing - the act of furnishing an equivalent person or thing in the place of another; "replacing the star will not be easy"
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Some well-intentioned men in this State, deriving their notions from the language and forms which obtain in our courts, have been induced to consider it as an implied supersedure of the trial by jury, in favor of the civil-law mode of trial, which prevails in our courts of admiralty, probate, and chancery.
(1985) observed no bee mortality, no loss of queen and no supersedure. The efficacy of screen bottom board tray was 18.25+-10.25, 18.25+-0.75 and 18.25+-1.11 (Mean+-SE) in winter, spring and summer season, respectively.
Frew Run held that the supersedure clause of the New York Mined Land Reclamation Law, MLRL section 23-2703(2), which provided that "this article shall supersede all other state and local laws relating to the extractive mining industry," (15) did not preempt the Town of Carroll's ban on sand and gravel mining in AR2 zoning districts.
Nosema infection can lead to reduction in honey production, colony dwindling, queenlessness and queen supersedure which could eventually cause a colony to collapse [30].
ERISA's supersedure provision provides that the "chapter shall supersede any and all State laws insofar as they may now or hereafter relate to any employee benefit plan described in section 1003(a)[.]" Id.
According to this hypothesis, a vestibular cell would avoid the possibility of other individuals constructing a nest in the remaining space of the burrow ("supersedure"), increasing the mortality of individuals reared in the innermost cells at the moment of emergence.
eds., 2004) ("In one or two states, the Governor & Council appoint another officer, which operates as a supersedure (if I may so call it) of the person in office...."); id.
Rebels, Reds, Radicals proposes writing the history of the Left not to produce syntheses but to carry out reconnaissances that will reveal "little-explored realities" and "help a re-emergent Canadian Left see its history more clearly and define its present more strategically." (83) Key concepts for reconnaissance include matrix-events that rattle hegemony, moments of refusal, and supersedure when realms of freedom open up, moments of systematization that follow them, and, emerging from these, Left formations.
The Federal Circuit rejected that argument, holding that "wage determinations issued by DOL are not retrospective, regardless of the effective date of the underlying CBA." (810) This, the court noted, is clear from the language of DOL's regulations, which states that wage determinations are applicable to contracts "entered into [after the issuance of the wage determination] and before such determination has been rendered obsolete by a withdrawal, modification, or supersedure." (811)