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Of or exhibiting supersymmetry.

su′per·sym·met′ri·cal·ly adv.


(General Physics) pertaining to supersymmetry
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My proposal aims to extend aspects of this approach beyond supersymmetric and conformal theories by studying integrable deformations of the ads5 x s5 superstring.
Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics: An Introduction, 2nd Edition
However, supersymmetric particles have not yet been observed.
Caption: Physicists at the Large Hadron Collider analyzed this collision as part of their search for supersymmetric particles.
If that combination corresponded with my dream it would mean that bosonic was moving in one direction along the string, and supersymmetric was moving in the opposite direction, exactly as I drew it.
STEMBRIDGE, A characterization of supersymmetric polynomials.
He added that because it's got this roundabout in it, it means that other heavy supersymmetric particles can potentially enter the roundabout and make a huge difference to the decay rate.
There is a possible analogy here to the way the "Minimally Supersymmetric Standard Model" (MSSM) really is a whole class of theories, in this case defined (as stated by superstring theory critic Lee Smolin in a quotation in the Part II chapter on "The Problem of Parameters," p.
The topics include quantum adiabatic switching and a supersymmetric approach to excited states of nonlinear oscillators, benchmark studies of spectroscopic parameters for hydrogen halide series via scalar relativistic state-specific multi-reference perturbation theory, extending the application of constrained density functional theory to large molecular systems, a chemist's perspective on intermolecular interactions through energy decomposition, and the first-principles design of complex chemical hydrides as hydrogen storage materials.
Zirnbauer, "Conductance fluctuations of disordered wires: Fourier analysis on supersymmetric spaces," Ann.