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Of or exhibiting supersymmetry.

su′per·sym·met′ri·cal·ly adv.
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(General Physics) pertaining to supersymmetry
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In their discussions, Ferrara suggested that progress could be made via an approach that Freedman had previously used in a related problem involving supersymmetric gauge theories.
Other topics include inhomogeneous supersymmetric bilinear forms, classification of 5-dimensional complex nilpotent Leibniz algebras, Catalan triangle numbers and binomial coefficients, and the module structure of the center of hyperelliptic Krichever-Novikov algebras.
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The deformations of the boson algebra include supersymmetric structures [11-14] for which the so-called polynomial Heisenberg algebras are quite natural [15-18].
However, supersymmetric particles have not yet been observed.
Mezard [31]: Calculation of the probability of o-Ps annihilation by a single [[gamma].sub.a]-quantum and a neutral supersymmetric gauge boson U with spin 1: B([sup.T]Ps) [right arrow] [[gamma].sub.a]U = 3.5 x [10.sup.-8](1 - [x.sup.4]), where x = [m.sub.U]/[m.sub.e] [right arrow] 0, [m.sub.e] standing for the electron (positron) mass;
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An invariant form b of a Lie-Yamaguti superalgebra T = [T.sub.0] [direct sum] [T.sub.1] is a supersymmetric bilinear form on T satisfying the identities
Caption: Physicists at the Large Hadron Collider analyzed this collision as part of their search for supersymmetric particles.
If that combination corresponded with my dream it would mean that bosonic was moving in one direction along the string, and supersymmetric was moving in the opposite direction, exactly as I drew it.
Wu, "A new supersymmetric classical Boussinesq equation," Chinese Physics B, vol.