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A villain in a work of fiction, as a movie or comic book, having superhuman powers or greatly enhanced abilities, usually portrayed as the antagonist to a superhero.
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One can guess by the summary, that it is not the regular superhero comic, but instead a supervillain comic that is filled with brutality, gore, and action.
Working closely as a team, they must change their approach and combine all their strength and guile if they're to outwit the supervillain.
Captin Kirk embarks on a manhunt to take down supervillain Benedict Cumberbatch.
The Dark Specter is an unlikely supervillain. Though he can throw fire from his arms, he's not all powerful or accomplished.
Avengers supervillain Thanos, played by Josh Brolin, is the most talked-about character.
In "Endgame," the survivors plot to kill the supervillain Thanos.
Strike Cast: Alex Kelly, Ken Stott, Lizzie Waterworth A young mole must try to achieve his impossible dream of becoming a footballer in order to save his hometown gold mine from a greedy supervillain known as 'The Boss'.
Brit actor Mark Strong played the bad guy in Kick-A**, and appears here as supervillain Dr Sivana who's hunting Shazam to steal his powers.
Fans have been given a preview of the surviving Avengers, as well as those who have perished from the snap of the supervillain Thanos.
Dazzling Margot Robbie returns as motley supervillain Harley Quinn and instantly stops traffic by holding up a sandwich.
Conceived as a direct sequel to, and filmed at the same time as, 'Avengers: Infinity War', the film is due to pick up at the stunning finish of its predecessor, as supervillain Thanos appears to have wiped out half of all life (as well a considerable numbers of superheroes) after activating the Infinity Gauntlet.
Shankar, the flick stars the 'Khiladi' actor as a mysterious supervillain, who has the superpower to control crows and mobile phones.