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tr.v. su·per·vised, su·per·vis·ing, su·per·vis·es
To manage and direct; be in charge of: supervises twenty employees; supervised the construction of the new kitchen.

[Middle English *supervisen, from Medieval Latin supervidēre, supervīs- : Latin super-, super- + Latin vidēre, to see; see weid- in Indo-European roots.]
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Adj.1.supervised - under observation or under the direction of a superintendent or overseer; "supervised play"
unsupervised - not supervised or under constant observation; "the school maintains unsupervised study halls during free periods"; "reliable workers are generally unsupervised"
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{conseille de famille = council of relatives, supervised by a judge, that supervised the care of minors in France; cure = priest}
This is effected by carefully-kept pedigrees, which are preserved and supervised by the State; and without a certified pedigree no Woman is allowed to marry.
It was a short, simple; carefully learned address, and the accent, supervised by Abdul on the steamer, allowed the hearers to guess its meaning, which was a request to see one of the Mudir's Cranes; since the desire of the speaker's life, the object to which he would consecrate his days, was to improve the condition of the Mudir's Cranes.
Before, and after them, I walked about - supervised, as I have mentioned, by the man with the wooden leg.
by Aldus Manutius, Venice, 1495-8; re-impression supervised by Erasmus and with certain corrections by Grynaeus (including Rhetorica and Poetica), 1531, 1539, revised 1550; later editions were followed by that of Immanuel Bekker and Brandis
As politics becomes less of a game and more of a responsibility, the telephone of the future will doubtless be supervised by some sort of public committee, which will have power to pass upon complaints, and to prevent the nuisance of duplication and the swindle of watering stock.
He knew that he ought to have systematically worked it out and supervised it, and that he had meant to do it, and that it had never been done.
She supervised the meal officially, but implied that in her own stately person she considered lunch a weakness.
Morgan was sentenced to 33 months in the Illinois Department of Corrections (with applicable credit for time previously served) with a one-year Mandatory Supervised Release Period.
The centre consists of the following departments: General Medicine, supervised by Dr Bassam Hamed Salam; Obstetrics and Gynaecology, supervised by Dr Mashaer Elhag Mohamed Elmaki; Paediatric, supervised by Dr Doaa Abdullah Mahmood; Dental Department offering oral surgery, dental, implantology, etc, supervised by Dr Mitko Frangov, and orthodontic and family dentistry, supervised by Dr Mohamed Khare Zamzam, with Dr Bisma Sikander as the general dentist; and the Dermatology Department, supervised by Dr Noha Mohamed Mahmoud Abdelhafeiz.
In this appeal, Derrick Phillips is challenging the district court's decision to revoke his supervised release.